Vanderpump Rules' pregnant Brittany Cartwright shows off bump in a bikini after telling body-shamers to 'rot in hell'

BRITTANY Cartwright flaunted her bump in a cute pool selfie, after clapping back at body-shamers and internet trolls.

The Vanderpump Rules star and her fiancée have held their ground against haters online that mocked her weight gain during pregnancy.

Brittany, 32, took to her Instagram stories today to share a selfie in a teeny tiny bikini as her due date quickly approaches.

The reality star gave the camera a soft smile as she shielded her eyes from the California sun yesterday.

The soon-to-be mommy wore a tiny gray zip-up bikini top that accentuated her cleavage and exposed her baby belly.

"I'm gonna be tan AF in my hospital pics," Brittany laughed, as she made note of the 78 degree weather.

The TV personality has received serious backlash from the public over her weight gain during her pregnancy.

Social media users have claimed the Bravo star has regularly used "photoshop" on her pictures, and some have expressed distaste at her "belly skin."

Brittany recently hopped on her Instagram stories to dispel any photo-editing rumors, as she scolded her followers: "Can I just say I am so sick of the haters trying to say I photoshop my mirror selfies – any woman in the world knows how to take a flattering angle of themselves, I mean, it's just what we do.

"You know it's never gonna look the same as an unflattering paparazzi photo that you don't even want to be taken of yourself or that you're even aware of…they sell unflattering photos on purpose," she continued.

"I'm so sick of women spreading hate. I'm so proud of my body…I'm healthy, my son is healthy, that's all that matters."

Just a few weeks prior, Brittany told the haters they can "rot in hell" for commenting on her mommy bod.

“If you are a person who comments on a pregnant woman’s body in a negative way, then you, my friend, can rawt in hailll. Respectfully.”

Though most of her comments have sought to hold the internet trolls accountable, she's also spread some body positivity on her socials.

"I don't know who needs to hear this but all women carry differently and all are beautiful!" she ensured the public.

Earlier this month, Brittany's husband and Vanderpump star Jax Taylor also stood up for his wife against the critics.

The Bravolebrity called the negative commenters "pathetic" and "insecure" for preying on a pregnant mother.

"I'll never understand the thought process of going to a persons social media who you don't know and verbally assaulting them," he posted scathingly.

"Like how much time do you have in your pathetic life. You look like a sad insecure soul. Jesus build people up right now don't we have enough shit to read.

"I'll never understand people who project insecurities they have onto others," the soon-to-be dad continued.

"I will never understand people who bully and harass on social media, especially when it comes to a pregnant woman.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, just take a minute before you write a hateful text. Why are you doing it? What are you gaining from it?" Jax asked rhetorically.

"Bring people up not down, we have enough hate in this world. Have a great day."

The Sun recently revealed that Jax has amassed over $1.2million in unpaid taxes.

According to court records the bartender currently owes the federal IRS $868,035. 

The TV star has blamed "bad bookkeeping" for his massive debt.

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