‘Utter cow!’ Mark Labbett dishes cheeky jibe at The Chase’s Anne Hegerty

The Chase: Mark Labbett jokes about Anne Hegerty

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Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett spoke to GB News hosts Stephen Dixon and Rosie Wright, who stepped in to cover Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster on Monday morning’s show. Mark opened up about the show and working alongside his fellow The Chase star Anne Hegerty and the show’s host Bradley Walsh. Joking about The Governess, he jabbed that she has changed since appearing on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of here!

Mark looked a bit startled to be appearing on the early morning news show as Stephen acknowledged that he would be “useless” if he appeared on The Chase.

Before the interview got well underway, the TV quizzer had to admit a secret.

He said: “I will apologise for the bad case of bedhead. For some reason, I thought the call was 8.30 tonight, so when I got the call eight minutes ago, it was, ‘Ahhh.'”

Stephen also joked that there was something “wrong” about talking to The Beast “without” his intro “sting” and “walking in looking very threatening.”

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During the interview, the GB News hosts wanted to know how friendly the quizzers and host were off-set.

When asked how Bradley was to work with, Mark replied: “He is one of these lovely people who is exactly the same when the cameras are rolling and when they are not.”

Elaborating more on the cast, he added: “Whenever I do a [stand-up comedy] gig, I always start with the same four questions everybody asks…

“Six-foot-six and a half, 22 stone, Bradley is absolutely lovely, and I am not allowed to say who the best Chaser is, but since she came back from the jungle, she has been an utter cow.”

The presenters laughed as he continued: “And she is the godmother to my son. I love Anne dearly, really.”

Mark and Anne are close friends. Mark joined the show in 2009 when it first premiered, with Anne joining The Chase lineup in 2010.

Rosie asked if “all the Chasers get on?” to which The Beast answered: “Yeah, because there is this degree of respect.

“You can’t get the gig because you’re best mates with the producer.”

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Noting how the brainbox quizzers are unique, he described: “They have had a look at people who are nearly quizzers.

“But the problem is you need somebody who is both a great quizzer and a big personality, and if you have got just one of the two, it’s not enough.”

The newest full-time member of the The Chase team was Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis, who earnt a seat on the ITV show in 2020.

“There are only a few people in the country who can do our jobs,” he concluded.

Revealing that he often gets into the right “zone” when in the hot seat on the show, he studies multiple hours a week to stay on top of his general knowledge.

Talking about taking on hopeful contestants, he added: “During most of the show, you can see it is fairly knock about, you can see my background as a teacher, and I basically treat the contestants like they are year 11 pupils on a wet Wednesday afternoon.

“The final chase thought, you have no time for anything else other than what Bradley just told me and what is the answer to it.  

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel airs on GB News on weekdays at 6am.

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