Unforgotten star Nicola Walker shares real reason she quit Cassie role ‘Really difficult’

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ITV’s hit crime drama series, Unforgotten, gripped viewers as soon as it began in 2015. Viewers were left devastated by the season four finale when a DCI Cassie was killed off. In a new interview, actress Nicola Walker opened up on her exit from the show and how she avoided giving spoilers away.

Unforgotten fans were left heartbroken earlier this year when the season four finale concluded with the shocking death of Cassie.

In dramatic scenes, DCI Cassie Stuart (played by Nicola Walker) was involved in a horrific car accident.

While Cassie was in hospital, DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) rushed to finish their investigation into the death of Matthew Walsh (James Craze).

After solving the case, Sunny rushed to the hospital to find Cassie succumbed to her injuries with her family being told she would never regain brain activity.

Cassie’s father replayed the final voicemail she sent him over and over, in which she promises she will “be better” in the future.

As with every series of Unforgotten, the final scene ended in a cemetery – this time with Sunny standing over Cassie’s grave.

In a new interview, Nicola opened up about her dramatic exit from the show, explaining it was “difficult”.

“Beginnings and endings are really difficult,” she said.

“Spooks taught me that you can cut off one head in a drama series and it has a really fantastic effect on the show – it allows other characters to evolve and new ones to be born.”

Nicola revealed she was worried she’d let out some spoilers before the series aired, but managed to stay tight lipped.

The actress remarked: “I was terrified of letting slip storylines and Cassie’s death was the worst one to carry around.

“I didn’t even tell my dad or my brother,” Nicola confessed.

The star also opened up about the future of the show, highlighting that it’s in safe hands.

Speaking about the show’s writer Chris Lang, Nicola commented: “Chris is a brilliant writer and I know what he’s doing with season five.

“Cassie’s death wasn’t for effect; Chris is going somewhere with that conversation about grief,” she added to Radio Times.

It’s currently unknown when the crime drama will return, however creator Chris has confirmed he’s working on a new season.

Last month he shared a tweet with his followers, revealing he was back to writing.

“Back in my other office, in the heart of Soho, writing #Unforgotten 5. Happy,” he wrote.

All four series of Unforgotten are available to stream on ITV Player.

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