TV picks Friday, October 19



Pointless hosts Mark Humphries and Andrew Rochford.

Pointless hosts Mark Humphries and Andrew Rochford.
Credit:Nigel Wright

6pm, Ten

I do not find Pointless "crazily addictive". But thanks to the charm and chemistry of Andrew Rochford and Mark Humphries (whose wit has now been formally recognised by the national broadcaster), the increasing comfort of the contestants (they kind of get how it works now), and the eclectic nature of the questions, it is a real pleasure to tune in on a weeknight, meet the geeks, test one's own knowledge of Disney classics and the periodic table – and learn a little something along the way.


11.30pm, SBS Viceland

How dreadful is this? Let us count the ways. One, the title is meaningless. There's no Hollywood. No love. And not much story. The subject matter consists of people Paris Hilton either stumbled across on Instagram, or was alerted to by her people. Most of those Instagram starlets seem to have quite serious mental health issues. And the whole mess is framed by sickly platitudes from Hilton. Possibly the worst show on TV right now.



7.45pm, Go!

Preceded by the Shaun the Sheep movie (6pm) this is a fabulous family double that you can either all enjoy together, or safely plonk the small persons in front of and be sure (a) they'll be entertained and (b) they won't witness anything at all untoward. Oddball is, of course, the completely charming and semi-true story of a big, white, fluffy dog trained to protect penguins and Shane Jacobson. Shaun the Sheep is pure Aardman claymation delight.

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