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EASTENDERS turns 35 this week – but have you been paying attention over all those years?

To find out, we’ve put together the ultimate Albert Square pub quiz. Take our test to see if you could be king or queen of the Vic.

1. WHICH character said the first ever line to be broadcast on the soap, “Cor, stinks in ’ere, dunnit?”

2. Which characters had their own spin-off drama called Redwater, which aired in 2017?

3. Whose life did Dot Cotton compassionately help to end in September 7, 2000.

4. How many actors have played Ben Mitchell since the soap started?

5. Get out of my pub!” was the phrase of which character?

6. How many times has Ian Beale been married?

7. In the live 30th anniversary episode, the actress Jo Joyner made a famous mistake. What was it?

8. In what year did Mick and Linda Carter arrive on the Square?

9. By what pet name did Den Watts call his daughter Sharon?

10. Who is Bianca Jackson’s mother?

11. Who killed retired copper Eddie Royle?

12. What is the name of the fictional Tube station that serves Albert Square?

13. Who is the barmaid who has ­outlasted every landlord of The Queen Vic?

14. Michelle Collins played which character?

15. What is the postcode used in EastEnders?

16. Who got married on December 25, 2004, in The Queen Vic?

17. How many viewers tuned into Bianca and Ricky’s wedding in 1997?

18. Which character brought the realities of HIV to the public’s attention?

19. Who married Ian Beale then dumped him on the same day?

20. How did Tiffany Mitchell die?

21. Which character left Walford to backpack around India?

22. In which year did the Queen visit the set of EastEnders?

23. Who set fire to The Queen Vic, not knowing that Sharon was upstairs?

24. Who helped Tanya Branning bury Max Branning alive in a controversial storyline?

25. Who shot Phil Mitchell in 2001?

26. Which member of The Spice Girls auditioned for the role of Bianca Jackson before joining the hot pop group?

27. Which actress had the role of Stacey Slater created for her especially after she initially auditioned to play Demi Miller?

28. The EastEnders theme tune was recorded with lyrics by Anita Dobson in 1986. It reached No4 in the charts. What was the song called?

29. Dot Cotton became the first soap opera character to do what in January 2008?

30. How did Lauren and Abi Branning die?

31. Which character discovered that his mum had been pretending to be his sister for years?

32. In a controversial storyline, which character swapped her dead baby for Kat & Alfie’s, leading them to believe their son was dead?

33. How did the character Mel Owen die?

34. Which character made a surprise return for the episode where Peggy Mitchell dies?

35. What is the name of the famous dog that belonged to Robbie Jackson?

36. On Friday November 11, 2005, how did EastEnders make TV history?

37. Ian Beale has been a suspect in how many “whodunnit?” storylines?

38. Which famous Radio DJ played a Walford caretaker in an episode in 2013?

39. Who wrote the EastEnders theme tune?

40. What is the name of Albert Square’s takeaway restaurant?

41. Who is the oldest of Peggy Mitchell’s three children – Grant, Sam or Phil?

42. What is the show’s local newpaper called?

43. Which character carried the Olympic Torch in 2012 in the run up to the London Olympic Games?

44. In 2007, who accidentally shot Jane in the stomach resulting in her being unable to have children?

45. What organ did Phil Mitchell receive a transplant for?

46. Who died on Christmas Day 2006 under a Christmas tree after suffering a brain haemorrhage?

47. Who is the famous real-life uncle of actress Rita Simons, who played Roxy Mitchell?

48. Which character has a daughter called Zsa Zsa?

49. Where did Jim Branning propose to Dot Cotton?

50. Where did Tiffany and Keegan go to get married?

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