Tom Kerridge to be new face of Hovis despite completely cutting bread out of his diet

CHEF Tom Kerridge has signed a deal to be the new face of Hovis — despite last year admitting giving up bread.

The Michelin-starred maestro, 47, says he has tweaked his diet over the years to get in trim.

On BBC show Tom Kerridge’s Lose Weight for Good last September, he told audiences: “I cut out carbohydrates, cut out booze and hit the gym.

"It worked for me.”

Just months later he is the new face of Hovis.

A source said: “They hired Tom to get a slice of the action and they won’t be thrilled when they realise that he has publicly declared he no longer eats bread.”

A spokeswoman for Tom said last night that he now eats bread as part of a balanced diet.

Last month saw Hollywood superstar George Clooney unveiled as the latest name to flog Warburtons, in an ad which sees him snubbed for a piece of toast.

The Oceans 11 actor has donated his fee for the appearance to charity.

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