Tom Bergeron Crashes Jimmy Kimmel's 'Halloween Costume Pageant' for Terrible Pun

This year’s audience had a hard time identifying some of the costumes Kimmel combined like LeBron James combined with … some clown?

Normally, Jimmy Kimmel has to take it to the street to find out how culturally out of touch a lot of people are, but they came in the studio for his annual "Half-and-Half" Halloween pageant.

Kimmel was surprised at how much some of his audience members struggled during this year’s installment of his Halloween tradition where he combines two popular costumes into one new masterpiece … which is totally using that term lightly.

This year’s batch of costumes were very creative and clever, but proved too much for several of his audience members. One woman stumbled totally over a combination costume of Darth Vader and an older female judge. Props for guessing Judge Judy, but it’s all about wordplay here, so the correct answer was Darth Vader Ginsburg.

Not knowing a prominent Supreme Court Justice might be understandable, but even Kimmel couldn’t fathom the woman who absolutely could not identify the red and yellow clown combined with LeBron James.

We get that a lot of people in Los Angeles do not debase their temples within the Golden Arches, but to be completely unaware of Ronald McDonald seems a bit much. How do your survive childhood without ever learning who he is?

Other costumes proved far less challenging, including a hilarious combo piece with "Deadpool" and a disturbing amalgamation with Pennywise from "It" that you have to see to truly never be able to unsee.

But the highlight of the whole segment had to be the arrival of "Dancing with the Stars" host Tom Bergeron, with a hamburger on his head. He even came equipped with a joke.

"“Is this gonna take long?" he asked. "Because I was told I was gonna be In-n-Out." We can’t help but wonder if McDonalds girl got that joke.

And on second thought, it was so bad that may have been the lowlight of the whole segment.

Check out all the crazy costume combinations in the video above and try to stop your brain from coming up with even more of them for the rest of the day.

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