Tipping Point viewers baffled as contestant gets ‘easy’ NASA question wrong

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Tipping Point is known for its rather questionable answers but fans were stunned when one contestant claimed NASA astronauts had taken pictures of Neptune.

Host Ben Shephard asked which planet nicknamed "The Blue Marble" had been the subject of photographs taken from space, with Rachel believing that the correct answer was Neptune.

The Blue Marble was taken in December 1972 by Harrison Schmitt and Ron Evans, taken around 18,000 miles from the surface of Earth.

Addressing the contestants, he said: "The Blue Marble is a famous photograph taken by one of NASA's Apollo 17 crew, looking back at which planet?"

Shortly after he came up for air, Rachel buzzed in as she believed she knew the correct answer.

"Neptune," she said as she looked somewhat hesitant before Ben added: "No, Rachel! It's Earth, looking back at Earth!

"Let's not worry about it, Rachel, unfortunately, you were wrong so we steal that counter from you and you'll all be playing for that at the end of the round."

Taking to Twitter, viewers couldn't contain their confusion as they decided to share their thoughts on the awkward gaffe.

Alongside a gif sharing a confused look, one viewer said: "The Apollo 17 astronauts took photos looking back at the planet of Neptune? plus a NASA klaxon! #tippingpoint."

While a second added: "F*****g Neptune? #tippingpoint."

"Neptune? Oh, Jesus Christ on a bike. #TippingPoint," fumed a third.

The photo in question mainly shows Earth from the Mediterranean Sea down to Antarctica and was the first of its kind.

However, the idea of the snap initially emerged from American writer Stewart Brand who was on an LSD trip, believing he was seeing a "psychedelic illusion" of Earth's curvature.

Stewart later demanded that NASA released the pictures of the Earth taken from space.

At the time, he sold buttons for 25 cents with the question "Why haven't we seen a photograph of the whole Earth yet?" etched into them.

The snap is believed to have been taken about five hours after the launch of Apollo 17 and just under two hours before the spacecraft left the parking orbit as they made their way to the moon.

It's believed that The Blue Marble is among one of the most widely shared snaps in history.

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