Tipping Point fans fume as player refuses £10k trade in nail-biting final ‘Pathetic’

Tipping Point: Guest takes money and misses out on jackpot

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On Thursday’s Tipping Point, ITV host Ben Shephard welcomed three new contestants onto the show. Players John, Jean and Sophie had to go head to head as they each took on the Tipping Point machine. The player with the most money in their prize fund would then try to win the £10,000 jackpot in the final.

Earlier this month, Tipping Point bosses decided to shake up the format of the show.

Instead of having four contestants playing against each other, there were just three.

This meant all three players would remain on the show until the end of the second round.

However, during Thursday’s instalment, the three contestants didn’t have luck on their side as they failed to knock many counters down.

John managed to only just storm into the lead with £400, with Jean hot on his heels with £350.

After the quickfire questions, Sophie ended up being sent home after having the least amount of money in her prize fund.

This meant Jean and John had to battle it out against each other for a place in the final.

After a tense round, Jean was no match for John as he stormed his way through to the final.

It was very touch and go for the player, however, things took a turn when John decided to turn down Ben’s trade.

John, who had won a staggering £4,000 so far, could have risked his winnings for three more counters.

He would then have tried to knock the £10,000 jackpot counter down.

Although, John didn’t need any convincing as he was adamant about taking home his winnings.

However, when Ben played out what would have happened with John’s final three counters, much to his shock, he would have won the jackpot.

Disappointed viewers were quick to take to social media, slamming John’s choice to not trade his £4,000.

Col fumed: “He’s basically just thrown away six grand.” (sic)

Michael Jones tweeted: “Absolutely pathetic taking the money over the trade there like.” (sic)

While Dan raged: “WHY TF WOULD HE NOT TRADE…….. #tippingpoint.” (sic)

Ayo went on to say: “Such an idiot…trading was a sure banker #tippingpoint.”

“Lovely bloke. Shame he didn’t trade, still, four thousand is great,” Eileen penned.

Greg added: “Ok £4k..but jeez..a slight breeze would have pushed that over.” (sic)

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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