Tipping Point fans distracted as they slam player’s ‘odd’ name for machine ‘Please stop!’

Tipping Point contestant calls the machine as 'baby'

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During Monday’s Tipping Point, host Ben Shephard welcomed four new contestants onto the ITV show. Players Rosie, Salvi, Kirsty, John had to battle it out against each other as they each competed for a place in the final. However, during the first round, viewers quickly became distracted by one contestant’s bizarre habit as he had a unique way of addressing the famous counter-toppling machine.

After a tense first-round, Rosie stormed into the lead with £700, while John failed to knock any counters down at all.

However, after accidentally putting two of his own counters into the penalty pot, John managed to win them back in a sudden U-turn.

After a stroke of luck, John ended up taking the lead, winning £800 in his cash fund.

Although, as he waited to see how the counters would play out, John pleaded with the counters to drop down by saying: “Come on, baby.”

During his first attempt, Ben told the player: “Rapid drop, it has settled nicely.”

“I don’t know,” John replied hesitantly as a couple of counters dropped down in the machine.

“Come on, babes, come on, babes,” the player pleaded. “It’s not good enough.”

John had better luck with his second attempt as he repeated: “Come on, baby, come on, baby. Keep pushing, keep pushing.”

Viewers quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on John’s tactic of pleading with the machine, with many urging the contestant to stop.

Marilyn tweeted: “John stop it with the come on baby.”

Steven quizzed: “Is it a prerequisite to talk to the counters, saying things such as ‘come on, baby!’, like John??” (sic)

While Jamie Bolton said: “PLEASE can somebody stop John from calling the tipping point ‘baby’.”

“Stop saying come on baby!” Victoria commented while Brett penned: “People who call the machine *baby* on #tippingpoint …. Can you not? That’s just a bit odd?”

User @SlapstickSally went on to say: “Don’t don’t call the machine ‘baby’ and to ‘keep pushing’.”

After only winning £250 in the first round, it was the end of the road for Salvi and he was sent home.

During the second round, Rosie managed to knock down nine counters, putting her ahead of John.

Rosie’s opponent quickly caught up, while poor Kirsty was left behind and was the second contestant to be sent home.

It was neck and neck for the remaining contestants, although, Rosie just managed to scrape her way to the final, beating her opponent John.

The player had a great final round, but it was touch and go as the £10,000 jackpot counter sat on the edge of the machine.

Luckily, Rosie didn’t need to trade what she had won already as she managed to knock the jackpot coin down with her last counter.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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