Tipping Point fans baffled as Ben Shephard says counters had ‘a little twerk’

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Tipping Point viewers were confused on Wednesday after host Ben Shephard described some of the counters as "having a little twerk" on the edge of the tipping point.

Ben said the phrase after one of the contestants, Steve, didn't have any luck after dropping a counter into the machine in drop zone three.

He had told Steve: "That double is getting close isn't it Steve, the top shelf looks good! It took that little stack out…"

It wasn't to be though as the counters were staying put: "Ooh, we've got a couple just having a little twerk on the tipping point. Are they gonna go?"

Fans rushed to Twitter to comment on his turn of phrase.

"A little twerk?!" said one, sharing an "oh lawd!" shocked gif.

"Having a little twerk is a new one!" added another.

"The counters are having a twerk?!" said a confused fan.

"Counters can twerk??" asked one.

The contestants missed out on a whole load of counters after an ambient drop knocked lots of them over the edge.

"If there is an ambient drop Ben should ask a question and whoever buzzed with the right answer gets the counters instead of voiding them" insists one viewer.

"I reckon Ben loved it when he has to void the counters!" added another.

"So many counters voided!" mourned one.

Steve's luck improved when he won not one, but two mystery prizes.

He took home a bottomless brunch and an overnight stay for two.

Steve joked saying Ben could join him for the brunch.

Sadly it wasn't enough to get him through though, so Steve was sent home leaving Richard and Amanda to go head to head.

Amanda couldn't keep up with Richard's knowledge, who easily made it through to the final.

His luck ran out, and he went home with £2,750.

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