This Morning’s Holly Willoughby emotional as she issues sweet message to viewers

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby shared a touching message with viewers during Monday's show.

The 39-year-old star became emotional as she told those watching at home who were struggling they were never on their own.

She issued the sweet message following reports that the government may scrap support bubbles in a bid to stop coronavirus from spiralling out of control.

Holly's co-host Phillip Schofield said that taking support bubbles away would "throw the mental health of all ages into utter chaos."

Guest Matthew Wright agreed with Phillip's comment and Holly went on to issue a sweet message to viewers.

Speaking directly to the camera, the presenter said: "Hearing news like this, be it rumour or tittle tattle or whether it be the truth of what we are facing later on.

"If you are struggling and if you've been ok and just about holding on up until now and this is the thing that tips you over the edge, the most important thing is don't suffer in silence.

"And you might not be able to see that person or get in that support bubble but you can ask for help, you can call someone.

"There are Samaritans, there's (mental health charity) CALM, we've got lots of helplines on our app, do not think you are on your own.

"Because nothing, whatever you're going through, nothing is worth that."

Viewers at home rushed to social media to discuss the kind words from the television icon.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Well said Holly."

Another added: "Holly talking sense! Please ask for help if you are feeling low mood. Life is still very worth living even with Covid."

A third person posted: "Well said Holly. You are never alone. Don't ever think that.

"There are people to talk to when you need it. Mental health as well as Covid should be at the forefront during this hard time."

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