This Morning viewers baffled as doctor attempts to explain why beauty salons can't reopen

THIS Morning viewers were left baffled today during a discussion about why beauty salons can't reopen.

Doctor Philipa Kaye came into the studio to explain why the government believes it still isn't safe for customers to get treatments – despite hairdressers opening.

She told viewers: "It’s about the amount of close contact that you have.

"If you’re having a facial for an hour that is a lot of close, close contact – and it’s a prolonged time in intimate areas."

She was then challenged by host Phillip Schofield who asked why it's safe for dentists to reopen, but not beauty salons.

Phil said: "The dentist can open because everything has been scrubbed down completely, they are wearing the correct PPE, everyone is masked up – gloves on – why can’t beauty therapists do that?"

Dr Philippa replied: "The face masks that dentists use are different from the fabric coverings of disposable masks that other people have.

"But we want the filter masks to be left for the medical profession."

Viewers were confused about the conflicting advice.

One said: "@thismorning talking about why beauty salons cannot open. They are one of the most cleanist, hygienic places you can visit.

"I would feel a lot safer going to a sterile beauty salon than to the hairdressers or to the pub #Thismorning."

Another added: "A lot of nail salons use face masks and gloves anyway, so how the government has deemed them unsafe to open, baffles me."

Someone else said: "I don’t see why nail salons can’t open. You could easily do that safely."

Beauty salons across the country have remained closed since lockdown began on March 23.

As the Prime Minister announced easing of coronavirus restrictions from July 4, beauty salons and nail bars were not among the list.

They will remain closed for the time being due to the risk of transmission between people in close contact.

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