These Hilary Duff Throwback Photos from the Lizzie McGuire Days Are What Early 2000s Dreams Are Made Of

Her “Please Return to Tiffany & Co.” heart necklace was a staple of the time. 

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As were low-rise … everything. 

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Hilary chose a maroon jumpsuit with a huge black bow over her shoulder for the 2001 Emmy Awards. And don’t forget the hair accessories! 

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Check out Duff’s edgy black lowlights! 

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Velvet pants? Check! Graphic tee? Check! Huge belt buckle? Check! 

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Duff wore a Canadian tuxedo with turquoise blue embellishments and coordinating snakeskin boots to the Crossroads movie premiere in 2002. 

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Between the beaded bag, the fur-trimmed purple coat, matching purple lace shirt and chain belts, there is so much happening here. 

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We’re pretty sure the embellishments on Hilary’s hot pink, sheer top are ribbons from a cassette tape. Rock on! 

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When in doubt, match your bucket hat to your purse. 

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Belts were really on-trend in 2003, and it’s clear Duff was very trendy! 

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Duff worked this ensemble, made complete with some silk capri pants and a choker, to the Shanghai Knights movie premiere in 2003.

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She was a big fan of silk capri pants in 2003. She rocked them again while hosting MTV’s TRL. 

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An asymmetrical blouse paired with black pants was Hilary’s choice for the American Music Awards in 2003. 

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Loving the subtle matching Duff did with her jeweled belly chain, bracelet, ring and shirt at the premiere of The Lizzie McGuire Movie at Tribeca Film Festival in 2003. 

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Duff slayed the orange carpet in 2003 at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards.

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Von Dutch was everywhere in the early aughts (remember their trucker hats?), including on Duff’s red leather pants. 

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Before there was Euphoria, there was Hilary Duff giving us makeup inspiration. 

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BRB, trying to figure out how to do this with our hair. 

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