The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon ‘lined up for standalone movie’ following in footsteps of Rick Grimes – The Sun

THE Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon is set to feature in a standalone movie, following in the footsteps of Rick Grimes.

Actor Norman Reedus, 51, who portrayed Daryl since the very first season in 2010, is scheduled to take part in a spin off on the big screen.

Sources have revealed that AMC is working on a movie about their series’ much loved crossbow-wielding character.

The sources also revealed that while Norman's appearance on the big screen is still in discussion and has not yet been confirmed.

It is likely that the film would likely be set after season 11 or 12 of The Walking Dead, and would see Daryl go on a quest to find former series protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Sources have also said Daryl will go on this journey and the movie will include "some flashbacks with his volatile brother Merle, who died in season 3 episode 15, This Sorrowful Life“.

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Daryl will be getting his own spin-off like his co-star Rick GrimesSpeaking of Rick Grimes, plot details for the upcoming spin-off movies involving him have been leaked.

We Got This Covered have reported that they will see Grimes taken to a human encampment focused on finding a cure for the dastardly walkers.

Furthermore, he will encounter other civilians at the camp and finds out that the scientists are corrupt and have been forcing humans to take part in their twisted experiments.

There's something else for fans of The Walking Dead to get excited about, as there will reportedly be a storyline in season 11 that will connect with the movies and leads some of the characters on a mission to go and save Rick.

It has also been noted that while this is current direction that the story is going in, it could be subject to change down the road.

The Walking Dead‘s season 10 finale was recently put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, with work unable to be completed in time ahead before lockdown measures were put in place.

Director and producer Greg Nicotero explained recently: “We were really on our way to the finish line when things started slowing down because of the stay at home work order.”

“So we just missed that window. It wasn’t that the effects were delayed or anything was delayed. It wasjust the delivery of the episode was set to be delivered at a specific date and we had to shut down before they hit that date.”

The Walking Dead season 10 is available to stream on NOW TV.

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