The Walking Dead’s Beta ‘unmasked’ as celebrity as show boss teases flashbacks ahead of Whisperers war

THE Walking Dead’s Beta has potentially been 'unmasked' as a celebrity.

The AMC zombie series has always kept the identity of Beta – played by Ryan Hurst – under wraps, with the character yet to have his backstory explored.

But in a recent episode of prequel series, Fear The Walking Dead, a huge clue appeared to be dropped in a scene featuring Daniel and Grace under attack from Walkers.

As they attempt to escape, Daniel drops his new record collection, with the discs spilling onto the pavement.

As he tried to pick them up while avoiding being bitten, a shot showed a record on the floor featuring a musician who bares a striking resemblance to actor Ryan.

Fans of the comics will not be completely surprised by this potential revelation, as in the original books, Beta was a basketball star and successful actor before the apocalypse.

The Fear The Walking Dead scene could mean showrunners have adapted Beta's original backstory and turned him into a successful musician instead.

Meanwhile The Walking Dead boss Angela Kang has teased there will be major flashbacks during the upcoming 10th season.

She told Entertainment Weekly: "Yes, I will say that there's some flashbacks this season.

"One of the things we were kind of dealing with in the season has to do with illusion and people's fears and what's real, what's not, the weight of the past on people.

"So, we'll definitely see some windows into the past that kind of shed light on the present.

"It should be interesting."

She added: "There is some other stuff going on, there's some pretty cool stuff, I think."

Series 10 of The Walking Dead is scheduled to start in the UK on Monday, October 7 on Fox UK. 

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