The Walking Dead Video: Maggie's Ready to Go Through Michonne to Murder Negan in Rick's Last Episode

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead is being touted as Rick’s last. But if Maggie has her way, it’ll also be Negan’s last! In this sneak-peek video from “What Comes After” (9/8c, AMC), Glenn’s widow is so determined to avenge her late husband that she’s willing to go through any obstacle — even Michonne. Hell, maybe even especially Michonne!

As Maggie angrily points out, after Glenn was struck down by Negan in the Season 7 premiere, “the one thing I had was knowing I was going to see [his] murderer die, and you took it from me!” In her estimation, wiping Negan off the face of the earth will start things over. And in Michonne’s estimation? On the contrary, “it’s gonna start something else” — maybe even another full-blown war with the Saviors.

Nevertheless, Maggie refuses to be deterred. “If [Negan had] butchered Rick in front of you instead of Glenn,” she argues, “he would’ve been dead a long time ago, and you know it!” And can we really say that she’s wrong about that?

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