The Walking Dead season 11: Maggie could die as clue in Reaper first-look fuels theory

The Walking Dead tease final season of the show

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The first look teaser has been released and it looks as though Maggie Rhee (played Lauren Cohen) could potentially meet her demise in the upcoming season 11 of The Walking Dead. After a shocking season finale of the AMC show, fans could be devastated with this new theory.

In the teaser, fan-favourite Maggie is seen leading a group called the wardens on what looks like a dangerous quest journey to save their home Alexandria.

The safe zone was destroyed after Negan Smith (Jeffery Dean Morgan) and his men led a war, leaving the area abandoned, damaged and infested.

However, as they approached it looked as though the group of survivors were in for another rollercoaster season.

With no food, the struggling survivors were determined to rebuild Alexandria and make it a safe community for them.

However, things took a turn for the worst. While on the road, some of the group experienced a violent storm that left them no choice but to descend underground into an abandoned subway tunnel for shelter.

However, unbeknownst to them the rest of the survivors had been captured and relocated by a group of unnamed soldiers.

In the tunnel, Maggie realised that one member of the group didn’t make it underground with them.

But it was no longer safe to search for the missing person as walkers had surrounded the survivors and with nowhere else to turn, it was up to Maggie as the leader to come up with a solution.

Danger also ensued above ground, as masked reapers were waiting for the group and would stop at nothing to kill them.

In the series, it was revealed that these reapers had been formed by a mysterious figure called Pope.

Maggie had previously encountered a reaper in the season 10 finale when one of them eerily told her that she had been marked by Pope, before blowing himself up with a grenade.

Maggie has fought her way past walkers before but never the reapers, who seem to be a new threat to the group.

Now that Maggie and some of the wardens are definitely going to come face to face with them if they reach above ground, what could this mean for her in season 11?

The reapers have hunted and killed before, they’ve also hung their victims upside down in a tree.

This brutal display of death could be a clue as to what Pope and the reapers want to do with Maggie.

When she encountered them in the past, she was unknowingly followed by them and they would hunt down the few survivors who remained.

With no inclination of who Pope is or why she had been marked by him, Maggie may have a tough battle ahead of her.

Perhaps with the support of the wardens, she could fight her way out of this one as she did with the walkers.

However, as a new enemy, Maggie also has no idea of how they fight and how brutal they can get, plus it appears that these reapers have a high success rate.

Could this be how Maggie meets her death in season 11? She also doesn’t seem to appear in any of the show’s spin-offs.

Season 11 will premiere on Monday 23rd August on Star on Disney+ and has been confirmed as the final season of the series.

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