The Truth About Amber Hargrove From Naked And Afraid XL

Surviving the wilderness is no easy task. It is especially challenging for those without clothes, tools, or any other means of communication, like the contestants on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid XL. In each episode, contestants are challenged to put their survivalist skills to the test and see how much they can complete the tasks without the aid of modern technology. Unlike the original Naked and Afraid, contestants on the XL spin-off must endure a 40-day challenge that’s “more difficult than anything that’s ever been tried in the past,” per Discovery’s official website.

A contestant who did not have much trouble on the show was Amber Hargrove, who also appeared on Naked and Afraid for three seasons from 2015-2017, per IMDb. As noted by Enterprise-Record, Amber worked as an army instructor and has experience with dangerous environments from her time in the military. “I was so tired of watching these females go out and just suck,” Amber told the outlet about her decision to apply for the reality show. “I told my husband I was going to apply… two days later I got a call for a casting crew.”

Clearly, Amber was destined to go on Naked and Afraid and its spin-off. But what has this survivalist been up to since she appeared on the show? Scroll down to find out.

Amber Hargrove is turning her experiences into opportunities

Since she last appeared on Naked and Afraid XL, Amber Hargrove has moved to Libby, Mont. where she works as a Boy Scout leader, per American Survival Guide. “I do training sessions all the time about how to fish, how to set up traps, how to prepare using survival techniques in the wild, aimed at young children,” Amber revealed in an interview with the magazine in 2020.

Besides equipping the next generation with survival skills, Amber is developing a TV show loosely based on her life. “The show will be called ‘Forging Across America'” she revealed to American Survival Guide. “I created the storyline from all of my experiences. I want to find the hidden gems in America, the greatest survivalists, knife makers, and the like.”

While her show is in the works, Amber has partnered with a cutlery company and designed her own knife that’s fit for a woman, saying that the color of it isn’t as important as “the ability to have a knife that fits any woman’s hand and can be used for all purposes in camping, hiking, or survival situations.”

As for the future, Amber sees herself living out in the wild and being self-reliant on her skills and instincts.

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