The Repair Shop’s Suzie Fletcher shares update on future of BBC series ‘Some new faces’

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The Repair Shop is the hit BBC series that sees expert craftspeople restore treasured heirlooms to their former glory. Suzie Fletcher is one of the show’s stars and specialises in repairing leather items. In a recent interview on ITV daytime show Lorraine, Suzie opened up about the future of The Repair Shop. She revealed there will be some “new faces” in the next series.

Lorraine Kelly made it clear she’s a fan of The Repair Shop and was keen to know more about the goings on behind-the-scenes.

Highlighting the close relationship of the show’s cast, the presenter said: “You can see the bonds between you.

“You know, the way you take the mickey out of each other as well. You’re obviously really, really good close friends,” she commented.

Suzie agreed: “We really are. I don’t know how this has come about, I just put it down to the stars and moons.

“The people that have come together here just interact so closely and we care deeply about one another and everything that’s going on in our lives.

“We know if somebody’s not having a great day. We all rally round. Definitely, The Repair Shop has become my family,” she said.

Lorraine quizzed the star about the future of The Repair Shop, wanting to know if there’d be new episodes next year.

The presenter said: “There’s obviously going to be another series in the new year, please tell me that there is?”

“Well, I am sat at my bench,” Suzie remarked, hinting that work had already begun on the next series.

Lorraine laughed: “That is exciting, that is a give away!”

Suzie confirmed: “Yes, we are, definitely. We are filming another season. We’re all happy to be here.”

However, the leather expert revealed there would also be some new additions to the show.

Sharing some insider details with Lorraine, Suzie explained: “There’s the regular faces and a few new ones.

“As ever it is getting more and more exciting with the stories and the items coming in.

“I sit here in absolute wonderment and I think this will continue for many, many years thanks to the viewers,” she added.

“Oh I hope so Suzie, I really do,” Lorraine replied.

The ITV host shared her admiration for The Repair Shop, highlighting how much she adores the show.

Lorraine enthused: “It’s the most beautiful show. It just makes you feel better and the Christmas special is a delight.

“I’ve managed to see it. I got a sneaky preview. I cried, obviously,” she confessed.

As Lorraine wrapped up the interview, Suzie said: “Thank you Lorraine and come down to the barn anytime you want to.”

“I’m there already!” Lorraine replied.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV and the Christmas episode of The Repair Shop is set to air on Christmas Eve at 7pm on BBC One.

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