The Real Reason Meghan Markle Wears Navy Blue So Often As a Royal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When Meghan Markle likes a color, she sticks with it. However, that’s not the only reason she’s been wearing navy blue so often since joining the royal family. At this point, she’s worn more outfits in the same shade than we can count. Not only has she reached for the color on numerous occasions, but she actually wore two different navy blue outfits on the same day during her royal tour of Australia.

So why exactly is she wearing it so much? Here’s the real reason the Duchess of Sussex wears navy blue so often as a royal.

It’s an approachable color

Whether it’s a subconscious decision or not, Markle’s choice to wear navy blue so often could have a psychological factor. Applied Color Psychology Specialist Karen Haller told The Daily Mail, “When it comes to the psychology of color, blue relates to the mind. Darker blues relate to trust, logic and knowledge.”

“It communicates duty and professionalism and given it’s a more approachable color than black, maybe why she wore this hue often on her recent 16-day royal tour down under,” Haller added. “Subconsciously wearing darker blues might suggest that — this being her first major royal tour — she wanted to maintain her focus and concentration during her royal duties.”

Meghan Markle | Alan Gibson-Pool/Getty Images

The queen’s rules might be playing a part

Markle may be new to the royal family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s playing by all the rules. She’s broken royal fashion protocol more times than we can count, yet she somehow manages to remain in Queen Elizabeth II’s good graces.

Markle most often breaks the queen’s “no wearing black other than to a funeral” rule. According to the English Manner Chief Executive Alexandra Messervy, “Generally it is thought that black is not usually worn unless in mourning.” She added, “Although Diana, Princess of Wales did occasionally wear it for evening functions, and The Duchess of Cambridge has been known to do so.”

So Markle’s constant wearing of navy blue could potentially be a compromise with the queen. It’s another dark hue that we get similar vibes from. However, thanks to her unofficial stylist Jessica Mulroney, she manages to never look dull. She clearly hasn’t completely given up wearing black, as she did wear it a number of times on her tour of Australia.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

She could be representing England

It’s possible that Markle is wearing navy blue so often to represent the country she now calls home. Navy blue is an important color in England, so she could be trying to come across as a symbol for her people — especially while traveling overseas on a royal tour. According to Bustle, “The color was often worn by officers in the British Royal Navy since 1748,” so she could be getting some style inspiration from the country’s history.

She looks good in navy blue

Maybe there’s nothing psychological or representative about Markle’s gravitation to navy blue. It could very well be that she simply likes the color — and we can certainly see why. Markle looks gorgeous while rocking the hue, so it makes sense that she’d reach for the color so often.

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