The One Show guest sparks backlash over travel confusion ‘Giving Covidiots false hope’

Holidays: Matt Allwright gives advice on summer travel

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During Monday night’s The One Show, BBC hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas spoke with Matt Allwright about travelling abroad. It comes following the reports that Portugal has been placed on the amber list of countries after the government decided to move it from the green list. Thousands of Brits are reportedly scrambling to get back to the UK from Portugal to avoid self-isolating for 10 days.

Introducing the segment, Alex began: “UK holidaymakers have been scrambling to fly back from Portugal as we said in a bid to beat the country moving into the amber list in the early hours of tomorrow morning.”

“A lot of people are having to rethink their summer holiday plans,” Jermaine continued as he introduced Matt, who appeared via video link.

“So, should you stay, or should you go? Matt’s here to shed some light on the subject.

“We have got loads of questions for you about this holiday situation that’s going on right now.”

“So, here’s one,” Jermaine added. “If you’ve had to cancel a holiday to Portugal now it has gone on to the amber list, will I get my money back?”

“This was very straightforward,” Matt began. “Because if you cancel your holiday, it meant you are disinclined to travel, therefore you take the hit.

“So, my advice would have been don’t cancel.

“But now what I would say is, have a look at the Watchdog travel pledges. One of which says, if you are forced to quarantine when you get back, you should be given the chance to either cancel, get a refund or amend if that company signed up to those travel pledges.”

He continued: “So, check those out and find out whether the company you’re with honours those travel pledges and that could be either amend or cancel and get a refund.”

Chipping into the discussion, Alex said: “Last summer you suggested that if people could, they should definitely get a refund for the whole holiday.

“Some people would have ended up with these credit notes, some of them will be expiring shortly so what is the best option then?”

Matt went on to point out that the company who issued the credit note should give people a refund.

He added that people should check their credit note to see if it has an expiry date.

“Whatever you do, don’t accept anything less than a refund credit note,” the expert insisted.

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The conversation soon moved on to Jermaine quizzing Matt on whether people can travel to Spain after claiming the country would allow people to fly there if they had both vaccines.

Matt protested that travellers need to adhere to the Foreign Office’s advice despite what Spain is allegedly saying.

He said that travel insurance won’t be valid if the Foreign Office is advising against it.

The segment sparked a strong reaction from viewers with many accusing the show of causing confusion among travel restrictions.

One viewer pointed out: “Just to correct what they’re saying on #TheOneShow – UK visitors do not need a vaccine certificate or negative Covid test to enter Spain but FCDO advises against travel and Spain is on amber list so testing and quarantine required on return @BBCOne.”

Another replied: “They even got that wrong! It’s not difficult but it just goes to show how bad UK govt comms are.”

A third added: “@BBCNews #theoneshow presenters adding fuel to #covidiots & confusion.”



They continued: “Government guidance all along is don’t travel regardless of the travel list. Absolute morons trying to give #covidiots false hope. Straight answer, don’t travel unless absolutely essential! FFS.” (sic)

A fourth viewer penned: “Travel. my advice. Don’t book. Wait out.

While a fifth wrote: “Doesn’t matter what other countries say, it’s what you need to do when you come back that counts. Also not insured.” (sic)

Another segment that angered viewers was Dom Littlewood interviewing members of the public about the coronavirus vaccine and how they felt about the younger generation receiving it.

One tweeted: “Again one tweet about this – Why is Dom Littlewood claiming a second jab means you’re “done and dusted”? Why is he lying? We will need booster jabs and the AZ vaccine is only 60% effective?”

The One Show airs on weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.


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