‘The Middle’ Spinoff Has An Official Title, Brock Ciarlelli Joins As Series Regular

The Middle spinoff will no longer be called “The Middle spinoff.” The ABC comedy has been officially titled Sue Sue In the City. In addition, Eden Sher’s Sue Heck will be joined by Brock Ciarlelli, who appeared as her BFF Brad Bottig in all nine seasons of The Middle, in the offshoot as a series regular.

The title seems like a play on Sex and the City, but it is a nod to Sue’s full name: Sue Sue Heck. Written by Heisler and Heline, the half-hour single-camera comedy follows the twentysomething adventures of eternal optimist Sue as she leaves the small town of Orson to navigate the ups and downs of a career and young adulthood in the big city of Chicago.

Ciarlelli played Sue’s boyfriend in the first season of The Middle. After they broke up, he remained on the show and in Season 7, he came out as gay and the two remained friends throughout the series which ended in May. In the finale of The Middle, Sue went off to college, but a flash forward saw her married to next door neighbor Sean (Beau Wirick) after an on-again-off-again relationship.

As Deadline reported in May, negotiations were in the works for a pilot production commitment to a Middle spinoff. In August, ABC gave a pilot production commitment to the spinoff.


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