The Masked Singer's Sausage identity 'confirmed' as ALL the tell-tale clues are laid bare

SAUSAGE has been the most hotly-contested The Masked Singer identity this series, with Stacey Solomon and Sheridan Smith the two names most linked to the costume.

However, an avid Joss Stone fan has laid bare ALL of the tell-tale clues that confirm the 33-year-old singer is actually behind the mask.

Eagle-eyed Matt has long-speculated that the blonde beauty is behind the mask, and regularly takes to his TikTok page to point out more obvious hints.

In one short video, Matt starts off by analysing the character's video trailer – with the first clue a variety of flags decorating her caravan door – with the fan pointing out that Joss "famously did a 200-stop world tour".

Sausage then says that the judges have already said her name in the competition, as Matt points out that Jonathan Ross previously guessed that Harlequin was Joss.

Another reference was Sausage saying they feel "young at heart" – which is the title of one of the singer's tracks, and another clip saw some masks on a dressing table.

Matt explains: "We were all focused on the masks which may indicate acting, which Joss does, but you all missed the literal joss sticks burning by them."

He ended that video with a clip of Joss singing coupled with Sausage performing on the show – with the two sounding remarkably alike.

Shortly afterwards, the TikTok user reposted a comment from a follower who'd written: "Joss posted on her Instagram in late September and October cooking with her grandma and sister so she was deffo in the UK."

Matt replied: "THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH. The only doubt came from the fact she may not have been here, you're right!"

Josss, who gave birth earlier this month, was born in Dover but now lives in the Caribbean, although her family remained in the UK.

The superfan then dug out an old Facebook live of Joss teasing a top secret work commitment.

She told fans at the time: "I've missed the last few Sundays and one day I shall reveal as to why."

A pink toolbox was also shown in a video, with Joss revealing in 2015 that she had one – as well as a camper van.

Another hint mentioned that Sausage "looks like a horse", which could relate to Joss playing Anne of Cleves in TV drama The Tudors – with the historical figure often described as looking like the animal.

In addition, snakes and ladders themed paper was spotted in one video, which is the title of another of her songs.

Sausage's identity will finally be confirmed in tomorrow night's The Masked Singer final, where Robin and Badger will also be unmasked.

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