The Masked Singer’s Joss Stone riddled with nerves ahead of performances

The Masked Singer left fans on the edge of their seats for weeks, awaiting the unmasking of The Masked Singer UK characters.

On Saturday night, the public was left stunned as pop sensation Joss Stone was revealed to be the voice behind Sausage, with the judging panel left shellshocked by the unmasking.

While many fans had quickly worked out that Joss was the voice behind the outlandish costume, others were left looking on in awe as she competed while pregnant.

Dover born Joss, 33, announced in October 2020 that she was pregnant with her first child, meaning she already knew her exciting news while filming.

She said that the show had been the "funniest gig" she had ever done, as well as being one of her "proudest moments".

Speaking about her decision to participate, the blonde bombshell said: "I received some very exciting news that made doing the show even more perfect for the time at which it cropped up."

Joss added that she is "always up for a laugh" noting that The Masked Singer is one of the "most funny and happy-making things" that could occupy her time during the lockdown period.

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However, despite having fun with her character and her performances, Joss was left riddled with nerves each time she put her impressive vocals to the test.

"I was so nervous every time I sang," she confessed, before adding: "My little knees were shaking so I had to try to stop that from shaking my voice."

With build up around who was behind the mask, Joss was eager to deliver a stellar performance week on week, wanting to impress the "lovelies" who were sat on the judging panel.

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"I knew I was going to have to unmask at some point so the last thing you want to do is a bad job beforehand.

"The songs were tough ones to sing but really fun," she said.

While many may dream of performing in such elaborate costumes, the huge masks also come with a hefty toll on the singers, with Joss saying breathing was "a total mission" and admitted to becoming out of breath just walking to the stage.

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Despite this, she continued to impress fans each week who quickly decoded all of the "amazing" clues surrounding her true identity.

Shortly after being crowned the winner of season two, fans flooded social media with nothing but praise for Joss and wearing such a hefty costume during her pregnancy.

"Joss Stone, what a voice and at 5 months pregnant! Incredible! #MaskedSingerUK," penned one.

While a second echoed: "Can't get over Joss Stone doing the show in that giant costume while pregnant. Fair play to her! #MaskedSingerUK."

A third Joss Stone enthusiast excitedly tweeted: "Joss Stone won #MaskedSingerUK. Without anyone [judges] guessing her at all, dressed as a sausage and heavily pregnant. What a Queen."

"I can't believe it was joss stone, singing in that massive costume while pregnant! #MaskedSingerUK," said another.

Alongside Joss during the finale Ne-Yo was unmasked as Badger, while JLS star Aston Merrygold was revealed to be the voice behind Robin.

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