'The Masked Singer': Will Pepper Be Revealed As Flavor Flav?

The Masked Singer hasn’t given us too many clues about who’s behind the Pepper mask. However, based on the few clues we have, we think we have the answer. Some of our past guesses seem to be “out there,” but they just may prove to be correct. Can the same be said for the possible reveal of the Pepper?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Masked Singer are ahead.]

‘The Masked Singer’ had a few clues about Pepper

According to The Sun, The Masked Singer didn’t have too many clues about Pepper in the first episode. However, Pepper was shown playing maracas.

On the surface, that seems to imply that the character plays Latin-style music. But that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, shaking the maracas could imply that he’s here to party. The costume could also imply that the person behind the mask is “spicy.”

Whatever you choose to believe it means, it’s evident that The Masked Singer wanted us to know that the costume was very important. But are there enough hints to give away the celebrity behind the mask? Let’s take a look.

The costume has a few important details

The devil, as they say, is in the details. And The Masked Singer has a few very important details in Pepper’s costume. Let’s see if we can find them all.

The biggest “tell” is in the Pepper’s necklace. The necklace appears to be made of a gold-plated chain. The chain is also chunky with a huge pendant, with the name “Pepper” written in large letters. These chunky chains were very popular in the 1980s.

Whether intentionally or not, the show might have just revealed who’s behind the mask. We have a theory that it’s this 1980s rap legend. Let’s take a look to see if our speculation makes sense.

Here’s why we think it’s Flavor Flav

According to Talent Recap, Miss Masky — the mascot of The Masked Singer — has given away additional clues on her Twitter account. On that account, she revealed that “there’s a trickster” behind one of the costumes. That’s the first sign that Flavor Flav might be behind the mask. Hip hop fans will recall that Flavor Flav was known as the “trickster” of Public Enemy. Hip hop fans will also recall that Flavor Flav (real name: William Drayton) is a multi-instrumentalist — which would mean that he knows how to play the maracas.

Second, Miss Masky said that “Pepper brings out the naughty side in me.” This could be a reference to Flavor Flav’s infamous VH1 reality show, Flavor of Love. That show certainly brought out the “naughty side” of the female contestants on the show. And, of course, the final clue of the costume itself — full 1980s B-boy gear — is another sign that it belongs to the legendary MC.

Now, this is all just speculation. Maybe we’ll have a different opinion when more clues about Pepper come out. But we’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of The Masked Singer to know for sure.

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