The Last Kingdom season 5: Brida’s death ‘sealed’ after trailer clue?

The Last Kingdom season 5 trailer from Netflix

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The Last Kingdom fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the show’s final season on Netflix. The fourth instalment saw Uhtred’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) friend Brida (Emily Cox) become the new big bad. She is expected to play an even bigger role in the final outing, with many viewers predicting her demise.

The trailer for the final season was released in February 2022 and it features Uhtred’s childhood friend heavily.

Raiders seen with white markings on their faces are led by Brida, as she says: “The time has come to save our people.”

King Edward (Timothy Innes) is then heard saying: “Brida has struck, summon Lord Uhtred.”

Uhtred’s son, Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot) is seen stumbling towards his father with blood dripping from him.

In the original Saxon Stories, Uhtred’s son is castrated by Brida following her dark turn.

It seems this gruesome twist has been included in the explosive finale.

Uhtred realises: “She’s coming for my bloodline” as he fears Brida wants to wipe out all signs of Uhtred’s existence.

Brida is later seen demanding that Uhtred be brought to her and a huge battle ensues.

Once again, Brida and Uhtred go head to head but this time, only one of them is likely to survive.

Yatish Kelkar commented on the trailer: “There seems to be a LOT of focus on Brida, indicating that the season will probably end with Uhtred finally killing her.”

In the books, Brida is killed by Uhtred’s daughter Stiorra (Ruby Hartley).

Brida is waging war against Christianity, and Uhtred and his family are horrified to see 34 people crucified.

Uhtred overthrows Brida and lets Stiorra, who was disguised as a prisoner, kill her.

The trailer does not give away whether it is Uhtred or his daughter who ends Brida’s reign of terror.

Brida actress Emily Cox is on Instagram and she shared a photo of herself as Brida.

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She warned: “Looking for a fight?!” and many fans praised the actress for being so fierce.

She shared a clip from the trailer which seems to show Brida with her child, who is now grown up.

Commenting on the trailer, blueey970 said: “Can’t wait to see you in action. Emily Cox you are the best.”

Many viewers were hoping Uhtred and Brida would end their feud before the series ends.

Yet this is unlikely as the finale is likely to include Brida’s death.

El Oneill said: “Given what happens in the book and what Brida tries to do to a certain descendant of Uhtred, I hope she suffers.

“But equally hoping they don’t follow the books too much and X lives (not sure how much this season is covering).”

If Brida does die this season, it will give Uhtred a chance to reclaim Bebbanburg.

Fans are hoping he wins back his homeland before the series comes to an end.

The Last Kingdom season 5 airs on Netflix on March 9.

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