The Hills' Heidi Montag shows off curves in new bikinis after slamming trolls who told her she 'gained weight'

THE Hills star Heide Montag has shown off her curves in a collection of tiny bikinis after trolls shamed her for "gaining weight".

The 34-year-old reality star sported multiple swimwear sets for a social media video, that saw her strut and twirl in a pair of high heels.

Heidi, who was previously body shamed by internet trolls, looked care free as she danced as part of a viral TikTok outfit-change video.

The star put on a number of different skimpy bikinis, starting off with a blue set, twirling around to reveal her peachy behind.

Singer and actress Heidi shook her booty around as she showed off further sexy numbers, including pink, string and zebra print bikinis.

She paired each look with summery heels and a glamorous palette of makeup, letting her blonde locks flow down her back.

Her flawless body was in full view for the video, despite trolls recently hitting out at Heidi for "gaining weight" and "body shamed" her.

Despite her backlash against the haters, fans went wild for the series of looks, calling the star "amazing" and complimenting her for "looking good".

"Heidi you look so amazing," one woman wrote, as another agreed: "Damn mama you look absolutely flawless."

A third chimed in: "You look fantastic," as a fourth simply concluded: "Heidi looks unreal, her body looks perfect I need tips to look like this."

It comes after Heidi asserted her confidence in a new TikTok after scolding body-shamers for commenting on her weight gain.

The Hills' star previously spoke out about the internet hate, as she "refuses to be body-shamed" by critics.

The reality star wore a turquoise and pink bikini with a straw sun hat while she danced with a friend on the California beaches in the recent video.

While taking part in the viral trend, the mom of one turned around and twerked for the camera.

In February the beautiful blonde took to Instagram to shut down the haters and flaunt her body positivity.

In a skin-tight lyrca pink workout set, she showed fans the strength she has gained from exercising.

Heidi posed with a bright happy smile on her face while flexing her newly-established muscles.

The Colorado native captioned her shot: "I love my body. Many people have been speculating and commenting about my weight. I am not pregnant(not yet).

"I think that is partially where some of these comments have been coming from because people know that we are in the process of trying.

"I also weigh more than I ever have but I am also stronger than I have ever been. I refuse to be #bodyshamed!"

She added: "I love #food and #wine! I am going to enjoy my life!"

Fans have been on the lookout for a baby bump after rumors spread that Heidi and her husband, Spencer Pratt, are trying for a second child.

The Laguna Beach alum slammed the critics on Twitter, writing: "Wow disgusting people saying I need to loose weight… bye."

The MTV star ensured the speculators: "No I am not pregnant yet. Just a little overweight."

Despite fan critiques, Heidi has kept busy with documenting her workouts and showing off her mom bod online.

The young wife seemed wholly unbothered by her weight-gain trolls and enjoyed her evening with lots of dancing.

She twerked alongside Spencer as she popped and twirled on camera.

Heidi launched an OnlyFans account in late January, where she shares X-rated content and promotes her music career.

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