The Good Lord Bird release date: How many episodes are in The Good Lord Bird?

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The Good Lord Bird is a period drama series on Showtime, which is based on the novel of the same name by James McBride. The story is told through the eyes of an enslaved boy called Henry Shackleford (played by Joshua Caleb Johnson), who is one of abolitionist John Brown’s (Ethan Hawke) soldiers. has all you need to know about how many episodes are in The Good Lord Bird, which has just arrived in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

How many episodes are in The Good Lord Bird?

The Good Lord Bird made its debut in the US at the start of October 2020, and the story is set during the time of Bleeding Kansas.

Bleeding Kansas involved a number of violent clashes in the Kansas Territory of the US between 1854 and 1859, and the confrontations were instigated by a political debate over slavery.

Henry Shackleford and the rest of John Brown’s soldiers took part in a raid on the Army depot at Harpers Ferry, in West Virginia, in 1859.

The raid may not have had the result Brown had hoped for, but it was one of the events which sparked the American Civil War.

The miniseries is made up of hour-long episode which aired weekly on Showtime, from October 4 to November 15.

The series has now made its way to Sky Atlantic in the UK, and fans have been looking forward to catching up on the action-packed episodes.

There is a total of seven episodes in the series, and they have all been given unique titles, which are as follows:

Episode 1 – Meet the Lord

Episode 2 – A Wicked Plot

Episode 3 – Mister Fred

Episode 4 – Smells Like Bear

Episode 5 – Hiving the Bees

Episode 6 – Jesus is Walkin’

Episode 7 – Last Words.

In the series premiere, fans see how Henry Shackleford has his first run-in with the abolitionist, John Brown. Henry is given the nickname ‘Onion’ which sticks throughout the series.

In episode two, Onion and fellow slave Bob (Hubert Point-Du Jour) come across some pro-slavery followers known as ‘red shirts’, and Onion ends up befriending a local prostitute.

By the third episode John Brown becomes one of the most wanted men in America due to his plight, and he sticks close to Onion following a major conflict.

However the dynamic between the two main characters changes by the fourth episode, after Onion experiences freedom for the first time.

In episode five, Onion is tasked with finding more African-American soldiers to support their cause.

The remaining episodes follow John Brown’s army as they make one last stand at Harper’s Ferry, and Onion ends up risking hs life for the cause.

The series started with a double bill, leaving fans keen to find out more about the tale inspired by true events.

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The series has received plenty of praise so far, achieving a 100 per cent approval rating the popular review site, Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics have praised actor Hawke for his portrayal of John Brown in the series, saying the story does right by the source material.

The series even sparked a response from a descendant of John Brown, who wrote to The New Yorker praising the series.

Marty Brown had praised the attempt to bring John Brown’s story to the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series, with one saying: “Taking a moment to celebrate the genius and the humanity of Ethan Hawke & James MacBride and their beautiful collaboration in the making of The Good Lord Bird for Showtime.

“Typing this, now that I’ve stopped crying after watching the finale. #GoodLordBird is epic storytelling [sic].”

Another viewer said: “I watched most of the first episode of The Good Lord Bird last evening. It’s a BRUTAL depiction of the days & events leading into the Civil War.

“There is dark humor intertwined amongst the horrors. IMO the stark RACIST mindset has never left, it’s still here in 2020. [sic].”

The Good Lord Bird airs on Showtime and Sky Atlantic

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