The Good Doctor season 5: Asher rocked by family reunion as boss speaks out on newcomer

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ABC’s medical drama The Good Doctor has returned to the network with a fifth instalment after a jam-packed season four. Ahead of the release, the show’s executive producer David Shore opened up about Asher Wolke (played by Noah Galvin) and revealed viewers could see him reunite with this estranged family.

Speaking to, executive producer David Shore was asked about the possibility of fans seeing Asher’s family members, to which he responded: “Not early in this season.”

He explained: “We’ve got a lot to take care of and a lot to cover, a lot happened at the end of last season – I don’t want to overpromise.

“We want to go there and we will continue to talk about Asher’s family, who both of those characters are and where they came from,” he said as he also mentioned Bria Henderson’s character, Jordan Allen.

David added: “But we have a lot to service at the beginning of the season, based on where we finished last year,” before teasing, “So I don’t think we’re going to meet any family — at least not right away.”

Dr Asher Wolke was first introduced to fans in the season four episode titled Newbies, as a first-year surgical resident.

He was one of the six finalists in the running for only four resident openings at St Bonaventure Hospital.

After an intense round of interviews, Asher was tasked with shadowing Dr Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), Dr Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) and Dr Alex Parke (Will Yun Lee) throughout the day.

This is where fans learned more about Asher’s past and where his determination and motivation to become a Doctor is rooted.

In the episode, he revealed when he was 18 years old he decided to leave the Hasidic community he was raised in.

He did so after realizing if there truly was a God, it had to feel cruel as he felt nothing but contempt for the religion.

After moving away from his family and the faith, Asher chose to pursue the healthcare profession and extend his education at Medical school.

He also discovered previously suppressed parts of his sexuality and subsequently decided to start dating men.

With this discovery, many viewers were interested to see if showrunners would decide to reunite him with his family.

Although executive producer David revealed they wouldn’t do so just yet, fans believe he could be forced to dive into his past in the upcoming episodes.

In the episode titled Fault, Asher disclosed he spoke fluent Yiddish and perhaps season five could see him treat a patient who he has to translate for.

If viewers won’t see his family there could be a possibility the fellow Jewish patient may be someone he once knew in the past.

However, after teasing a potential family reunion, the community member could bring a relative to St Bonaventure Hospital to see Asher.

This would undoubtedly cause a stir of emotions in the doctor, as he hadn’t been in communication with any of his family after turning his back on the religion.

Asher’s first patient Carlo Porter (Carlos Lacamara) forced the doctor to dive into his faith after requesting him to say a prayer for the sick.

In the episode, Asher saw a part of himself in the patient as he too was a gay and a former religious man.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Asher will finally be reunited with his family this season.

The Good Doctor season 5 continues every Monday on ABC in America. A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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