The Diplomat season 1 finished on an huge cliffhanger

The Diplomat – Official Netflix trailer

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from The Diplomat on Netflix

Netflix dropped The Diplomat recently with the eight-part political drama focusing on Kate Wyler (played by Keri Russell), who becomes the US ambassador in London.

However, she has her work cut out having to balance her job with her ailing marriage to fellow career diplomat Hal Wyler (Rufus Sewell), who is having a hard time relinquishing the spotlight to let Kate shine.

Kate will be trying to stop an international crisis from breaking out and at the same time is trying to divorce Hal with the latter plan scuppered after he reveals she’s being lined up for the White House as Vice President.

The Diplomat ended on a huge cliffhanger after Kate and the British Foreign Secretary Austin Dennison (David Gyasi) uncovered a mammoth conspiracy orchestrated by the British Prime Minster Nicol Trowbridge (Rory Kinnear).

Added into the mix, in London Hal and Stuart Heyford (Eto Essandoh) were caught in the middle of a car bomb with things left unclear about whether they’d made it out alive.

Will there be a season 2 of The Diplomat?

The Diplomat has toppled reigning champion The Night Agent off the top spot on Netflix globally and is certainly gripping fans.

But making it to the top of Netflix is never a guarantee of success with the streaming platform known to drop the axe on many shows.

The streamer will be looking at the viewing figures over the coming weeks before making a call on whether to continue with the show.

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So, for the moment, the answer is no with Netflix yet to confirm whether there will be another outing. has reached out to Netflix for comment about a recommission.

Nonetheless, given the open-ended nature of season one, it’s clear there is scope for more from the show, which has a large ensemble cast and some big names attached.

The Diplomat’s creator Debora Cahn has opened up about the future of the show, previously telling The Hollywood Reporter: “I certainly like long-form stories.

“I like being able to write about minutiae and the little odd moments of people’s lives and their worlds. So I like long-form storytelling.”

Adding: “I certainly hope it continues. And I have a lot of ideas about where it would go. But we’ll see. We shall see what happens.”

The Diplomat is streaming on Netflix now

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