‘The Departed’ & ‘300’ Producer Gianni Nunnari Acquires Novel ‘The German Girl’ For TV Adaptation

EXCLUSIVE: 300: Rise Of An Empire and The Departed producer Gianni Nunnari of Hollywood Gang Productions and producer Andre L III of MiLu Entertainment have acquired rights to Cuban author and journalist Armando Lucas Correa’s well-received novel The German Girl, which they are developing as an international TV series.

Weaving dual time frames, the book is based on the true stories of passengers on the ill-fated transatlantic ocean liner the St Louis, carrying Jewish refugees from Germany to Cuba in 1939.

Initially set in Berlin just before the Second World War, the novel charts the life of young girl Hannah Rosenthal, who until recently lived a charmed upbringing. With the rise of the Nazis however, the streets are increasingly draped in ominous flags and Hannah is no longer welcome in the places she once considered home. A glimmer of hope appears in the shape of the St. Louis, the transatlantic liner promising Jews safe passage to Cuba. At first, the liner feels like a luxury, but as the Rosenthal family’s journey progresses and the circumstances of war change, the ship that was to be their salvation seems likely to become their doom.

The liner’s journey, which has come to be known as The Voyage Of The Damned, has been portrayed in multiple novels, plays and films over the years, including the 1976 film starring Faye Dunaway, Lee Grant and James Mason.

Correa’s novel has been translated into fourteen languages in more than 20 countries.

Nunnari is currently in production on Paolo Genovese’s drama The First Day Of My Life starring Toni Servillo. He is also in development of TV series Those About To Die for director Roland Emmerich.

In 2021, Andre L III is lining up movies The Thicket with Noomi Rapace, Peter Dinklage, Sophia Lillis, and Charlie Plummer, and Aleppo with Olivia Munn.

“We are thrilled to produce such a powerful property,” said the producers, who struck the adaptation deal with Correa. “The novel The German Girl has a deep connection with a global audience already.”

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