'The Challenge': Tori Deal Talked About Her Disastrous 'Double Agents' Reunion Outfit

MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents ended, and now, we’re watching contestants verbally duke it out during the reunion. So far, we’ve seen all eyes on Fessy Shafaat as his lackluster performance on the show is addressed. And his alleged post-show romance with Tori Deal was also brought up. Tori talked about her experience on the reunion as well — and she brought up her ultra-uncomfortable outfit.

Tori and Fessy’s relationship was questioned on ‘The Challenge’ reunion

Plenty of questions went to Tori and Fessy during MTV’s The Challenge reunion. When Tori competed on Double Agents, she was engaged to Jordan Wiseley, who didn’t compete that season. But Fessy noted he had a crush on Tori while on the show. And after the season ended, Tori and Fessy were spotted out on vacation together, sparking romance rumors.

So, did Tori and Fessy date after the show? While they said they got to know each other better, they remained friends. Now, they both appear single.

“I didn’t know he was attracted to me until he called me ‘beautiful’ in the igloo one night,” Tori joked on the reunion. “He was drunk. It really wasn’t a big deal. It was super low key. But I didn’t realize any of that stuff, for the most part, until after I had gotten eliminated.”

While Tori and Fessy laughed off the relationship during the reunion, Tori noted on MTV’s The Challenge Official Podcast that she did go back to her hotel room and cry after, as the conversations hit on issues in her personal life.

Tori also talked about the reunion outfit she chose to wear

It wasn’t just Tori and Fessy’s conversation that affected Tori during MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents reunion. Tori wore a tight black top with black pants, and she noted on MTV’s The Challenge Official Podcast that her outfit was much too tight.

“My problem was I bought my outfit the night before,” Tori explained. “I don’t know why — I bought the biggest size pants that I could get in the store. I’m on this weight gain journey to build more muscle, so I’m gaining some weight right now. And I love every bit of it, but I could not fit in those pants.”

Aneesa Ferreira, Tori’s co-host on the podcast, also made fun of Tori’s horrible posture during the reunion. Guest star Melissa Casasnovas said there are even more bad posture moments during part two of the reunion, and both Aneesa and Tori laughed.

Is Tori part of ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 cast?

So, will fans get to see Tori on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37? It seems she’s gearing up to return along with Nany Gonzalez, Ashley Mitchell, Big T Fazakerley, Aneesa, and Kaycee Clark from Double Agents. And we’re willing to bet Tori’s going to come back stronger than ever given all the muscle building she’s doing.

As for the men,  Nelson Thomas, Nam Vo, Devin Walker, Fessy Shafaat, Cory Wharton, Josh Martinez, Kyle Christie, and CT Tamburello are rumored to come back.

MTV hasn’t made any official announcements regarding season 37, but additional rumors suggested production started and halted due to coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol. This could mean someone in the cast or crew contracted the virus while filming. We’ll have to wait and see if MTV gives more information.

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