'The Challenge': Adam King Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations From KellyAnne Judd

The Challenge star Adam King became a recurring face on the show but hasn’t returned since 2011’s Rivals. While it’s unclear why he hasn’t competed in another season, many fans believed he’s banned due to KellyAnne Judd accusing him of sexual assault. After four years, King responded to the allegations.

Adam King and KellyAnne Judd competed in ‘The Challenge: Ruins’ together

In 2003, then 23-year-old Adam King debuted on The Real World: Paris and began competing on spinoff The Challenge a year later. He appeared as a rookie in Battle of the Sexes 2 but went home after a couple of episodes.

The Beverly Hills native had a similar experience the next time he returned for The Gauntlet 2 but turned his luck around in The Gauntlet 3. As part of the Veterans team, he won several daily missions and competed in his first final but came up short.

The Real World: Sydney (2007) star KellyAnne Judd debuted on The Island (2008) and presumably met King when she returned for The Ruins (2009).

They both competed on the Challengers team, but he went home during the third episode while she advanced to the finals, eliminating two contenders on the way. However, during their time on the show together, Judd claimed he sexually assaulted her.

Judd accused King of sexual assault during an Instagram Live

In 2017, a few months after she appeared in Rivals III, the Texas native broadcasted live on Instagram and told her experience with a few cast members.

After talking about how much she loathed Cutthroat winner Dunbar Merrill, the reality star brought up why she despised King. She called him the “scum of the Earth” and noted her delight when he got into a physical altercation with CT Tamburello.

The Ruins finalist then claimed he tried to hook up with her several times throughout the season, but she turned him down. However, after a night of drinking, Judd accused King of taking advantage of her and later bragging about their interaction.

She also said she considered taking a restraining order out against him but decided against it.

King responded to her allegations four years later

During a Mar. 2021 interview with the Mike Lewis podcast, the 41-year-old addressed the allegation for the first time. King noted he hadn’t spoken on them sooner because he denies the assault and considered it a silly rumor.

The Gauntlet III winner said he thought Judd’s allegations were “criminal” as he felt she shouldn’t have brought them up, only to never speak about it again.

He also claimed he had “all the details” but neglected to reveal anything out of respect for Judd. Additionally, The Challenge star implied she made the allegations wanting “attention” because she had no relevance at the time.

King continued, believing the 34-year-old claimed sexual assault because she knew people would “rally around her” due to the “Me Too” movement. While King claimed he’d been proven innocent, it’s unclear how. Additionally, he implied that Judd recanted her allegations, but it’s unknown where or when.

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