The Blacklist season 9: Weecha and Aram for romance? ‘Don’t know if he can handle it’

The Blacklist: NBC announce return with gripping teaser

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NBC streamers are eagerly awaiting the continuation of The Blacklist season nine after the thriller went on a mid-season break. As fans anticipate the show’s return, Aram star Amir Arison opened up about the possibility of his character developing a romance with Weecha (played by Diany Rodriguez).

Arison was live on Instagram and joined by his newest co-stars Rodriguez and Karina Arroyave who played Mierce Xui to discuss the show.

During the conversation, the actor shared the chances of Aram and Weecha potentially becoming an item in the upcoming episodes.

He admitted: “I really like the developing relationship between Aram and Weecha, it’s very tiny, there’s an episode coming out where we have a funny exchange.”

The actor hinted: “Even that look when we first met in the office when Red’s describing the shaving, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

“And I’m like ‘what did I just hear,’ and you [Diany] just owned me in the scene and owned your space, that’s fun.

“We talked about this on social media but I really, really hope Aram gets to meet Mierce, we’ll see I don’t know how or what would fit but we’ll see.”

Speaking more on hopes Arroyave added: “I hope something happens with Weecha and Aram.”

“Oh wow,” Arison remarked, “I don’t know if he can handle it.”

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The actor explained: “Aram has had three relationships on the show, two were spies and one was lying and cheating,“ he clarified, “let’s be clear we’re talking about Elodie, not Samar.”

“We’re talking about Elodie who was his rebound, but Aram is attracted to trouble and darkness.

“Everyone could kick ace and they were all in many ways tougher than him, I wouldn’t put it past Aram to have some variation of a crush or a fascination of Weecha.”

Arison added: “Here is this new bodyguard for Dembe and she’s quiet, mysterious and I can feel that happening for Aram, trying to be cool with her and not knowing where he stands.”

Rodriguez responded to Arison and shared: “I would imagine he’d bring out her softer side, I could see them drinking tea on a couch in pink bonnie slippers.

“I think it’d be adorable,” to which Arroyave quipped, “Yes, I see that.”

However, the actress wasn’t the only one who could see a potential Aram and Weecha union in the future.

A few fans took to social media after noticing he might’ve had a crush on the newcomer.

Spader_edits tweeted: “I like this idea: Aram and Weecha together, why not.”

Although Aram has had bad luck with women in his past, he was not able to resist Weecha who had a silent fierceness.

He had already tried to flirt with her in the episode where Red (James Spader) brought out a case of her liquor.

He tried to make a funny remark and asked: “You could probably drink me under the table, couldn’t you.

However, Weecha didn’t break character and continued her job as a bodyguard although she did crack a little smile at him, she didn’t say a word.

The Blacklist season 9 returns to NBC on Sunday, February 20.

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