The Best Real Estate Shows To Watch That Aren't On HGTV

We all love HGTV. But how many times can fans watch the same Home Town and Love It Or List It reruns before getting a bit tired? Real estate shows are becoming more popular than ever, but they span far wider than home & garden network. Here are the best real estate shows that you won’t find on HGTV.

Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’ and ‘Flipping Out’

Bravo might be the pinnacle of reality show networks. It’s home to plenty of drama, from Real Housewives to Below Deck, and there’s no shortage of entertainment. But Bravo isn’t just about wealthy women flipping tables. It’s also a great spot for real estate shows.

Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing franchise first premiered back in 2006 with Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles. Though there have been some cast changes through the years, the show now stars Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, Tracy Tutor, David Parnes, and James Harris. MDLLA follows high-profile LA real estate agents as they sell homes to clients from all over the world. The show has another spinoff on the air as well: Million Dollar Listing: New York, which follows the same concept but in the wealthy New York City real estate market.

For those who like home renovation shows more so than buying and selling, Bravo’s Flipping Out is another option. Real estate investor Jeff Lewis flips and redesigns homes for wealthy clients. Though the show ended in 2018 after 11 years on the air, fans can still watch reruns on Peacock TV for free.

CNBC’s ‘Listing: Impossible’ and ‘The Deed’

Few people know that CNBC is making waves in the world of real estate shows. In 2020, CNBC premiered season 1 of Listing: Impossible, a show starring LA real estate broker Aaron Kirman as he and his agents work to sell unsellable, multi-million-dollar homes. The homes are often desperately in need of stages and remodels, and Kirman gives them a fresh look before putting them back on the market with a new selling plan. The show hasn’t revealed a season 2 release date, as the pandemic likely impacted filming.

Another CNBC show, The Deed, ran for three seasons but was canceled in 2018, though fans can still stream the show on Peacock TV for free. The Deed followed real estate developers Sidney Torres of New Orleans and Sean Conlon of Chicago as they helped other people struggling to profit off of their real estate investments.

Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ and ‘Million Dollar Beach House’

Netflix has recently jumped in on the excitement of real estate shows, too. The streaming service premiered Selling Sunset, a show that follows the real estate agents of LA’s Oppenheim Group, back in 2019. Since then, the show has gone on to produce three seasons and has quickly gone viral for its drama just as much as its real estate. Though real estate is the agents’ profession, this show seems to focus a bit more on the agents’ personal lives than on their jobs.

Million Dollar Beach House is another Netflix original. It has a similar concept to Selling Sunset but takes place in The Hamptons’ million-dollar real estate market. The show follows agents who sell million-dollar beach homes in one of the country’s most expensive areas. Those who like luxury and the beach will love this Long Island-based show.

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