‘The Bachelor’: Who Is Jessenia Cruz? Matt James’ Contestant Will Find Herself in Some Drama

We’re deep into Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, which means fans are starting to figure out where each cast member fits into the story. Then in a turn of events, Jessenia Cruz and MJ Snyder were put on the dreaded two-on-one date. So, who is Jessenia from The Bachelor Season 25? Here’s everything you need to know about the contestant, from her age to her Instagram.

Who is Jessenia Cruz from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 with Matt James?

According to Jessenia’s Bachelor profile, the 27-year-old contestant is a social media marketer from San Antonio, Texas. The bio also revealed Matt’s suitor is a former pageant queen, earning the title of Miss El Paso in 2016. That said, when Chris Harrison unveiled The Bachelor Season 25 cast in December 2020, the host claimed Jessenia is “not your typical pageant girl.”

“I can hear the groans, I can see the eye rolls. Another former pageant girl,” Harrison said. “But, she may actually remind you of a former pageant girl from Alabama because this pageant girl is not your typical pageant girl. Opinionated, honest, and not afraid of rustling some feathers.”

Of course, Harrison was comparing Jessenia to The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown, who happens to have a connection with Matt. But, will Jessenia form something special with the new bachelor? Her bio says she’s looking for an adventurous man who takes initiative and will keep her life interesting. The contestant also charmed Matt in the season premiere.

“I’m so excited that you’re the bachelor,” Jessenia told Matt during her limo entrance. “Really, what I’m looking for in a partner is someone who can be my rock, just like I would be for them.”

Chris Harrison compares Jessenia Cruz to Bachelor Nation cast member Bennett Jordan

Now, Jessenia has been pushed to the sidelines on The Bachelor Season 25. Matt’s contestant hasn’t received much screentime since the premiere. But, Jessenia showed up in the fifth episode on Feb. 1.

After Matt eliminated “Queen” Victoria Larson and Anna Redman for spreading rumors about Brittany Galvin, the bachelor wanted to make sure the house was a “safe space” for the rest of the women. Then at one point, Matt confronted MJ about being an “antagonist.” 

Later, Jessenia revealed she was the one who told Matt about MJ. Jessenia revealed that MJ was the one who started the “JV versus varsity” situation with the new cast members. So, Matt decided to put Jessenia and MJ on a two-on-one date. 

Now, Bachelor Nation fans must wait and see whether Matt sends Jessenia or MJ home in the sixth episode on Feb. 8. But whatever happens, Harrison already teased what to expect, comparing the moment to Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb’s two-on-one date in The Bachelorette Season 16. Harrison said:

Jessenia finds herself in more than a little drama this season. She’s part of one moment that will have all of Bachelor Nation talking. Bit of a spoiler, Jessenia takes a page out of Bennett’s playbook. Let’s just say she gives a gift. And you know it’s not a sincere gift. I know Bennett played that gift off to know as something sincere. We all know it wasn’t. We all know he was taking a shot at Noah. Jessenia, same thing.

What is Jessenia Cruz’s Instagram?

Whatever happens to Jessenia on The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 6, it will surely be a dramatic ride. But, fans aren’t going to find any clues on the cast member’s social media. 

Bachelor Nation viewers can find Jessenia’s Instagram under the handle @jesseniaa.cruz. The contestant’s feed is also filled with fun shots, from her travels to her old pageant days. That said, Jessenia hasn’t said much about her time on the ABC reality series.

After The Bachelor cast announcements in December, Jessenia thanked her friends and family for their “support and well wishes” on Instagram. She also expressed her excitement about the show. Then on New Year’s Eve, Jessenia created a meme from the moment she met Matt, hinting that the future was filled with hope.

“2020 was challenging for all of us, but I like to think that things can only go up from here,” Jessenia captioned the pic on Instagram. 

The Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James airs Monday nights on ABC.

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