The Apprentice viewers are shocked by how much the candidates think doughnuts cost

It was Doughnut Week tonight (October 17) on The Great British Bake Off The Apprentice, and our contestants had to come up with a range of sweet snacks and try to sell them to mostly unwilling members of the public.

In typical Apprentice fashion, the entire thing was a huge shambles.

This time, the men and women were split between the two teams, who finally were named Typhoon and Collaborative, which were the only decent decisions of the episode.

Taking the cake (ha ha ha) for worst decision was the price of the supposedly premium doughnut, which the candidates tried to flog at £5 each:

But the idea of putting hot sauce on a doughnut came a close second, which viewers found pretty disgusting.

Retailers weren’t happy with the quality of the products, contestants argued with each other and wasted lots of time, and everyone tried flogging their stock for pittance towards the end. Standard Apprentice fare.

Taking another leaf out of Bake Off‘s book, there was an amazing innuendo.

At the end of the day, another candidate was fired, with Frank Brooks being the casualty this time around. He told Digital Spy that he never wants to see another doughnut again in his life.

Whoever organises The Apprentice Class of 2018 reunion party, don’t book it at Krispy Kreme.

The Apprentice continues next Wednesday (October 24) at 9pm on BBC One.

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