The Apprentice 2018 – which candidate was fired last night by Lord Sugar?

Here's who has been fired so far, who is left in and when you can next catch the BBC series.

Which candidate got fired from The Apprentice last night?

Here's who has been fired by Lord Alan Sugar so far:

  • Week One – Sarah Byrne 
  • Week Two – David Allen

    What was the task on The Apprentice last night?

    Week One

    The candidates were sent to Malta for the first task of the new series for a tricky shopping challenge. They had to pick up nine local items including six bottles of wine, a filigree boat with nine sails and a Maltese house with coloured doors. They were tasked with negotiating for the lowest price on the items before making it back to the airport by 7pm.

    Winner: They were split into men Vs women and the men won.

    Week Two

    The candidates were faced with creating a brand-new comic aimed at children, before pitching their ideas to leading industry figures to secure orders. The task demanded balancing creative storytelling with productive pitching. On the story teams, while one PM took an assertive initiative the other's sub team leader seemed to lose the plot. When creating their Augmented Reality front covers, the girls run riot, while the boys team struggled to make a move.

  • Who is left on The Apprentice?

    • Sian Gabbidon
    • Camilla Ainsworth
    • Daniel Elahi
    • Jasmine Kundra
    • Kayode Damali
    • Tom Bunday
    • Alex Finn
    • Frank Brooks
    • Jackie Fast
    • Khadija Khalifa
    • Kurran Pooni
    • Sabrina Stocker
    • Rick Monk
    • Sarah Ann Magson
    • Daniel Aldan


    When did The Apprentice start on BBC One?

    You can catch it every Wednesday at 9pm on  BBC One.

    The Apprentice is a hit BBC reality show, now going into its 14th series, featuring hour-long episodes.

    Each series of the programme aims to find a new apprentice for billionaire business mogul and Amstrad founder Lord Alan Sugar, who's worth £1.4bn.

    It aims to recreate the toughest of business environments and tasks for its set of contestants, but it is often very funny due to the incompetence and arrogance of the competitors.

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