Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee admits to abusing alcohol & pills & cheating on husband multiple times during depression battle

TEEN Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee admitted to abusing alcohol and pills, and cheating on her husband, Josh, with multiple men during her battle with depression.

Mackenzie, 26, has been open through the years about her depression battle, especially after the death of her beloved mother Angie in December 2019 from stage four cancer at age 50. 

But in excerpts from her new book, Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes, exclusively obtained by The Sun, Mackenzie shared just how destructive her bout with depression was. 


After the birth of her son third child Broncs, who spent four weeks in the NICU with holes in his heart, she developed postpartum depression. 

Mackenzie wrote: “I started to feel like I was being selfish for feeling so sad and hopeless all the time, but I later found out that it’s very common for stay-at-home moms to get depressed. Even though we love our children and are so thrilled that they are in our lives, moms still need to socialize with others. 

“I was so jealous that Josh got to go to work and be around people, while I had to stay at home to cook, clean, and look after our kids. Every day, though, I started feeling worse. 

“Although I was depressed, I didn’t have the energy to motivate myself to make a change, and I didn’t feel like Josh would understand why I was so down. We were technically husband and wife, but there was little to no intimacy shared between us, which left yet another hole in my life.”

Mackenzie then began going to bars with friends behind his back. 

She penned: “Finally, I had something fun in my life, and I started getting attention from other guys while I was out. I met a man, and we started talking frequently. I felt terrible doing this to Josh and knew it was wrong to cheat, but I guess I was so down and out that I thought this was the only thing to give me the boost I needed. 

“One night when I was over at my parents’ house with the kids, I got a text from Josh. All it said was, ‘I know everything. I’m moving out.’ Someone saw me out with this guy and shared all the dirty details with him. This was just the start of a big downward spiral for me.”

With “no way to pay the bills,” Mackenzie became “skeletal” and “malnourished,” as she only had enough money to feed her three children.


One night when she was taking a bath, Josh took the children without her permission after constantly begging her to get help. 

She later found out her mother had “orchestrated this whole thing with Josh” because they were so concerned. 

The MTV star wrote: “It was too dangerous for my mental health to sit alone at my silent house that was usually so loud and full of life. I tried going out with friends and even stayed the night with the same guy I got caught with in hopes of getting my mind off of things. 

“Sitting on my living room floor in the dark, I felt so alone, and I had no idea how I was going to pay my bills and get my kids back."

Mackenzie then saw a post-it on her mirror that read: "What is to be is up to me. That’s all.”

That’s when Mackenzie got the inspiration to start her successful workout program, Body By Mac. 

She eventually got her children back and reconciled with Josh as well.


But when she returned to MTV on Teen Mom OG while dealing with her mom’s cancer diagnosis, Josh was involved in a cheating scandal during one of his rodeo trips. 

She claimed Josh and some of his cowboy rodeo friends were "inappropriate with a group of women."

Mackenzie penned: “At this point, nothing in me wanted to live. Here I was, dealing with the possibility of losing my mom to cancer, and now I had to deal with the truth that Josh was stepping out. 

“He explained it was nothing more than a drunk night and begged me to explain to him why I was no longer intimate with him. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t a matter of if this was going to happen but when.”

After kicking Josh out of her home, she called her ex-boyfriend who she dated before she got pregnant at 16 with son Gannon, now 10. 

She continued to write: “I left and dealt with things the only way I could think of: out of desperation. I was getting plastered by washing down six Benadryl with vodka in hopes that I could block this all out.”

The two eventually reconciled and he re-proposed, a scene that was captured on Teen Mom OG. 


Then when her mother passed away just months later, Mackenzie “completely lost it” by cheating and mixing alcohol with pills. 

She wrote: “I began projecting all of my anger on Josh—pushing him away, crying, and telling him he was awful. I had also gone on dating websites and started seeing someone else. 

“I always hid from the camera when I was off seeing other men. Josh and I were off and on at that time—not really together but not completely apart. And to make matters worse, we were still filming with MTV, which made things pretty horrible with Josh.”

She then said how Josh had been living his own “separate life.”

Mackenzie penned: “He had been going to another woman who I thought was my friend. She came over and explained that she was giving him advice and felt bad for the way I was treating him. She even showed me text messages where he had said he was only staying with me for the kids. 

“He had told her that he just couldn’t do this anymore because I pushed him away too much. This didn’t hurt me because of Josh, but it did hurt because I thought I knew and could trust her. I forgive her in my heart, but I will never speak to her again.

“Again, I took Benadryl and drank during the day because I couldn’t sleep or function. I was highly medicated on several depression medications. It had been months of being separated, and again, being alive was too much pain to handle.”


That’s when Mackenzie got a call from her fitness and nutrition company boss with the opportunity to relocate to Florida. 

She accepted the opportunity to “start over and grow.”

When she moved to Florida, where she lives today, Josh joined them a month later. 

She wrote: “I think the move helped us both realize that we just want our family back. I began to miss his warm hugs that made me feel at home, and the kids were dying to see him again. ”

Mackenzie also recently revealed she is no longer on depression medication. 


As The Sun previously reported from the memoir, Mackenzie explained that when she learned she was pregnant with her third child Broncs, now 5, she fell into a deep depression and even went to a mental hospital for suicidal threats.

She wrote when learning of the accidental pregnancy: “I immediately started crying out of anger. I knew right then and there that my dreams were over. Being pregnant meant no more personal training sessions, no fitness business, and certainly no reality show, as the producers from that show told me from the get-go that I couldn’t be pregnant.

“Turning to Josh, I told him he was the worst person ever and had ruined my life. I had built myself up for this life of fitness, and now I was just going to be pregnant with two children we were already struggling to feed, with no income or home of our own."

Mackenzie then penned that she hit “rock bottom” and was at an “all-time low” from her depression.

She continued to write: “Every day was a battle with dark thoughts and emotions. Nothing in me wanted to be alive. One day, I texted Josh that I just didn’t want to live anymore. He told my parents, of course, and they were all afraid I was about to make a bad decision.”

Mackenzie said hours later when she was sitting in her car, two police officers approached and handcuffed her after Josh contacted authorities.

Mackenzie, who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, checked her sugar and saw it was high, which could be life-threatening. 

The mom of three wrote: “I knew it was a huge reason for my irrational behavior. I looked down at my almost eight-month pregnant belly and suddenly got scared for the baby. I pleaded with the cops to let me go home by telling them I wasn’t going to hurt myself. 

“I tried explaining that I’m a diabetic and I could die without my insulin shots, but they completely ignored me and handcuffed me before throwing me in the back seat. The next thing I knew, the cops were taking me to the hospital prepping to take me to a mental health institution."

When Mackenzie screamed “someone give me insulin now or my baby will die,” she claimed officers “stood up and slammed me down on a bed nearby. One had a hand over my mouth to shut me up, while two others handcuffed me on my back, making breathing nearly impossible.”

The therapist spoke to her the next morning and explained that Josh had been waiting outside all night and would be interviewed to see if she could go home. 

When Josh was finally let inside, he told Mackenzie that he was sorry and that wasn't what he intended to happen.

The Body By Mac owner wrote: “Sure, I was thankful that Josh came to save the baby and me, but I still thought it was all his fault."

The Sun also previously reported that Mackenzie opened up about being molested by two different boys when she was a child in her book. 

Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes is available on Kindle and will be released in hardcover on October 19. 

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