Teen Mom Lexi Tatman proudly shows off curves & surgery scars in a bikini as she tells fans 'peep my incisions!'

LEXI Tatman looked fully recovered from surgery as she showed off her surgery scars while wearing a teeny tiny bikini.

The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star went through an "exploratory surgery" earlier this month as she searched for answers to an internal complication.

Lexi, 21, appeared to be fully recovered yesterday as she took to Instagram to share a few bikini pictures.

The reality star posed with her fiancée Kyler Lopez in the first pic, as a small incision could be seen on her right hip.

In a second photo, the TV personality made a funny face while covering up her scarring, and in the final she leaned over to show off her cleavage.

Earlier this month Lexi went through exploratory surgery to figure out why she has been suffering from "abnormally painful" periods.

The mother of two was "scared" for the procedure as she updated her fans from the hospital.

While standing in the bathroom wearing a hospital gown, she explained: "Today I had my first surgery! I’ll get straight to the point for those who are just curious, this was exploratory surgery to help better understand why I have painful periods.

"This is your sign to get check as well. You might be wondering why I’m sharing, periods hurt for sure, but sometimes the pain is abnormal.

"It felt like I was in labor every month. I had an ultrasound about 3 weeks ago and had a few abnormalities."

Despite her concern, Lexi admitted that "it was a super easy and quick surgery" and that she will have "more answers in about 2 weeks."

The Teen Mom alum added that for now she was "just recovering briefly at home."

"There were so many new feelings I had about this surgery, while minor still scared me," she confessed.

As many of her symptoms mirrored those of endometriosis, fans offered suggestions that the condition could be the cause of her pain.

Lexi shut down the idea though, writing on her stories:  "I have not officially been diagnosed with endometriosis. I just had surgery to see what could be the cause of my pain."

The Colorado native has been recovering at home with her fiancée Kyler, who proposed in November of 2020.

The couple share two sons, Tobias, three, and Jay, one, and are childhood sweethearts.

Despite receiving some backlash over their engagement, Lexi shut down the trolls and relished in her excitement.

"I've been celebrating a little too much to care what anyone has to say about our engagement. I'm absolutely elated and will be posting a lot of my ring," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

"I knew when I was 13 I'd marry Kyler. We have this connection that some only dream of having. I'm going to continue to be happy and let the nay sayers continue to be miserable and rude," she slammed.

Lexi was reportedly dropped from MTV after only one season because the producers found her "boring" and missing an "interesting" story.

A source revealed toAshley’s Reality Roundup that “MTV basically felt that her story wasn’t interesting enough to continue with."

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