Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry admits she has 'very few friendships' she 'invests time in' after big fall-outs from past pals

TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry has opened up about not wanting to "make new friends" after a series of fall-outs with her best pals.

The 29-year-old, who rose to fame on Teen Mom 2, appears to have brushed off her squabbles with co-stars Leah Messer and Briana DeJesus last year. and ex-BFF Becky Hayter.

Speaking on her Coffee Convos podcast alongside TV personality and friend Lindsie Chrisley, the mom-of-four admitted she has "very few friendships" that she deems worth her time.

Already having her hands full thanks to her sons, sharing Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez, Isaac with Jo Rivera and Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, Kailyn added she wasn't looking to "make new friends".

"I was struggling for a long time with separating friendships from acquaintances – like everyone was my friend," the star explained.

"Whereas now, I don't feel obligated to answer certain text messages, I don't feel obligated to give people my new phone number.

"I don't care to even have like small talk, maybe that sounds really rude and I don't mean for it to be offensive, I just don't want to make new friends.

"I can make new acquaintances but there's very few friendships that I actually invest my time in."

It comes after Kailyn suffered a series of fall-outs with friends last year, including her Teen Mom co-stars who had previously been long-term pals.

Things got heated with fellow mom Leah slammed Kailyn for promoting "degrading articles" about her daughters Aleeah and Aliannah, 10, and Adalynn, 6.

The reality star posted an article on her Instagram Story that insinuated the young girls were at harm – forcing Leah to step in and hit back at Kailyn to "do better".

More recently, MTV fans have called out Leah for posting a series of "bad photos" to celebrate her apparent friend's birthday.

Followers claimed the "passive aggressive as hell" shots were proof that the two are still on bad terms, despite insisting they are pals again.

Late last year, the Teen Mom said her friends have "done her dirty" after costar Briana DeJesus called her "petty" at an MTV reunion bash.

Briana, 26, went on a rant against Kailyn in a now-deleted Instagram post after they encountered each other at the party.

"She is immature, has not grown, and is still so hot and bothered by my presence it’s laughable," Briana wrote. "You’ll see her for the petty person she continues to be."

Outside of the Teen Mom circle, the drama continued – as Kailyn went her separate ways from friend and rumored ex, Dominique Potter.

Kailyn admitted to pal Lindsie she and Dominique had dated in 2017, but the pair split when she cheated on "Daddy Dom" with Javi.

After Dominique, fans believed she was dating her longtime friend Becky Hayter, but the two quickly shut down those rumors.

Despite this, the pair haven't been seen together since Kailyn took Becky as a date to a wedding in 2018.

There may be some truth in it, however – as Kailyn recently confirmed she's "interested in both men and women" years after the rumoured romances.

Meanwhile, it took years of feuding with fellow reality star and her son’s stepmom Vee Torres before Kailyn finally “moved past the bulls**t."

It wasn't until this year that the pair came forward in a Baby Mamas No Dramas podcast to detail their now "incredible" friendship.

“Thankful we were able to move past the bulls**t and wish to give other co-parents hope that they can and will get along in the future," Kailyn said.

Now having "separated friendships from acquaintances", the reality star is most often seen hanging out with podcast co-star Lindsie and her assistant Kristen Hook.

Kailyn isn't just instilling tough boundaries with her frienships – as she told fans this week that she isn't getting back together with ex-husband Javi.

The 29-year-old said that the exes "have boundaries" despite their cheating scandal in recent months as she claimed that Javi tried to "f**k her in a parking lot."

The claims led to the end of Javi's relationship with Lauren Comeau, who Javi began dating in 2017 and later birthed son Eli, 2.

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