SWAT sneak peek hints at romance twist for Tan after heart-break

Promo trailer for S6 Ep19 of 'S.W.A.T'

CBS’ hit high-stakes drama SWAT follows the professional and personal life of the agents at the Special Weapons and Tactics unit of the LAPD.

As they investigate action-packed crimes, viewers also gain insight into their personal relationships and home lives. 

This was the case for Officer Victor Tan (played by David Lim) as his romance with Bonnie Lonsdale (Karissa Lee Staples) eventually led to a wedding.

However, earlier this season Tan’s life came crashing down after he learned Bonnie had been cheating on him for six months. 

The officer went down a dangerous path of destruction which almost cost him his job after he was suspended for getting arrested after a bar fight

With his job back in hand and things finally looking up, Tan revealed he and Bonnie could be getting back together. 

This unexpected revelation was teased in the promo clip for SWAT’s upcoming episode, Bunkies. 

Speaking to his colleague and friend Dominic Luca (Kenny Johnson), Tan revealed: “Bonnie actually surprised me this morning, she wants to get back together.”

Luca was taken aback and responded: “For real?” As Tan nodded, Luca asked: “What did you say?”

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“Nothing, I mean I wasn’t expecting it and not sure what to think but I miss her seeing her again made me want her,” Tan confessed. 

Their conversation caught the attention of Zoe Powell (Anna Enger Ritch) who was listening in with disgust. 

She interjected: “You’re joking right? You’d be an idiot if you took her back.”

Powell continued: “Sorry Tan, just speaking from experience, I took my husband back after I caught him cheating.  

“He swore it was a one-off but turns out he’s a liar who couldn’t keep it in his pants.”

SWAT fans were also disappointed by Tan for considering getting back with Bonnie as they took to the comments with rage. 

@mycoshe wrote: “Tan would be an idiot if he took Bonnie back. The only reason she wants him back is because the other guy won’t leave his wife.”

A furious @Chino56751 agreed: “Leave her. She backstabbed him, and for 6 MONTHS. She has 0 loyalty.”

@vgg31 commented: “I’m with Powell here. DON’T DO IT TAN!!!”

While @Sophie0911 warned: “Luca better not encourage Tan to take her back or anyone else for that matter. I’m with Powell on this one.” (sic)

SWAT season 6 continues Fridays on CBS in the USA and the following Wednesday on Sky Max in the UK.

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