Susanna Reid shares ‘excellent’ weight loss tip from Tyson Fury ‘You told me to stop’

GMB: Susanna Reid reveals Tyson Fury's weight loss tip

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Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley were joined by professional boxer Tyson Fury to discuss his decision to come out of retirement from boxing. The heavyweight champion revealed he will “100 percent” return to the ring but only in exhibition-style bouts. Talk soon turned to how he was feeling to be back in training, where Susanna shared the weight loss tips she had received from the Gypsy King.

Speaking to Richard before their interview with Tyson, Susanna revealed: “I once asked him how to lose weight.

“We have history, me and Tyson, because he did this remarkable thing where he lost a huge amount of weight and got himself back fighting fit.

“And I said what was the key, and he said, ‘Susanna, you just have to give up milk in your coffee – you’re drinking too much milk in your coffee’.”

She then held up her coffee mug and joked: “So just to confirm – it’s completely black this morning.”

During their interview, they spoke about Tyson’s decision to return to the ring and how he was feeling to be back training.

Complimenting his weight and how well he looked, Susanna commented: “We often have a joke about weight.

“I am always asking you for weight loss tips, you told me to stop having the milk in my coffee, and it was an excellent tip. Unfortunately, I can’t stop with the takeaways in the evening.

“But you are looking fighting fit, you are looking very well, are you back in full training or do you not want to be quite so hard on yourself because of what is coming up?”

Smiling at her compliments, Tyson explained: “Well, thank you very much for the compliment, Susanna. I am in full-time training twice a day.

“I do it for my mental health and mental wellbeing, I am feeling really good, to be fair, I am on weight.

“If I was in active competition, I would be ready to fight tomorrow very fit, very focused and very determined, and I am in a positive mindset.

“I have a beautiful family to take care of, I have a lot of things going on in my life.”

Susanna recently opened up about suffering from weight gain during the lockdown after losing two stone from cutting out alcohol from her diet.

Last month, she shut down a Twitter user who commented on her weight gain after tweeting: “Have you put on some weight? You are looking very chunky.”

The tweet came after Susanna posted images of herself and Dame Joan Collins over the years wearing the same or similar dresses.

Addressing the tweet, Susanna bluntly replied: “Yes.”

Viewers of GMB and fans of Susanna were quick to defend the ITV presenter, with @craigq1878 commenting: “Absolute weapon.”

@Rajanax7867aib added: “Why on earth would you ask such a question? She’s stunning.”

@smigelskaite defended: “Why people always think it is alright to comment on somebody’s appearance, it’s beyond me. I just don’t understand.”

Whilst Kerry Clarke complimented: “Susanna, you are beautiful! Others are clearly just jealous and need validation from others.” (sic)

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