Susanna Reid reveals ‘toxic and horrible’ abuse during pandemic

Susanna Reid admits it’s not easy being on the receiving end of ‘toxic and horrible’ abuse but ultimately, she has a job to do covering the coronavirus pandemic. 

The 50-year-old is no stranger to receiving criticism as host of Good Morning Britain alongside Piers Morgan. 

While it’s been particularly notable during the health crisis, Susanna’s found a way to tough it out. 

Speaking to Daily Mail’s You magazine, the presenter revealed: ‘The abuse is so toxic and horrible, but you can’t be afraid of what people are going to say about you.

‘Obviously there are moments when I’m upset or I beat myself up about getting something wrong – and there are things that frighten me – but we do a good job and we enjoy what we do. I have moments of self-doubt, but I’ve been doing this a long time now.’ 

Despite their on-screen clashes at times, Susanna admits she enjoys hosting with Piers and finds the way he challenges her refreshing. 

‘Piers is someone who is good to work with. He is stimulating and can be a challenge and difficult, but he also pushes all the same buttons in me that he does people we interview,’ she explained. 

‘We have had a serious responsibility during Covid, because you want to make sure people are kept up to date with everything, but also you want people to feel hopeful. You want to spark debate.

‘So it’s not just a neutral, deadpan way of presenting the news. It’s fully engaged. You’ve got to be prepared to make loads of mistakes and not be crushed by them.’ 

She added: ‘You’ve just got to go: “I got that wrong. Apologies, I didn’t mean to say that”. 

‘If you’re a step ahead of it all, the audience is really confident in you.’ 

Susanna came under fire just last week when viewers criticised her dress, which featured a plunging neckline exposing her cleavage. 

Her sidekick Piers, 55, couldn’t help but mock the backlash and joked that he was ‘relieved’ when she turned up in an outfit which covered up her chest. 

‘Yes, women shouldn’t have boobs at breakfast,’ Susanna hit back. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am. 

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