Super Bowl 2021 – Craziest Halftime moments including Justin Timberlake's Janet Jackson scandal & JLo's sexy pole dance

REMINISCE on the wildest halftime show moments ahead of this weekend's game, including unforgettable performances from Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, and JLo.

The Superbowl is essentially a national holiday at this point, as millions await the ritual for the excellent commercials, over-the-top performances, and of course, the game.

Though the chosen halftime performer is usually a chart-topper with immense talent for the stage, life has been known to interfere and has made for some awkwardly classic moments over the years.

Some down-right strange moments have occurred since the game's inception in 1967, and luckily cameras were at the ready to catch them all.

Michael Jackson Opened His Performance with 90 Minutes of Silence in 1993

Michael made an explosive first impression when he seemed to leap from a massive purple TV screen during the 1993 halftime show.

After landing on top of the huge monitor and striking a couple classic Michael dance moves, the King of Pop somehow exploded onto the center of the field.

As fans were blown away and hundreds ran to greet him, he simply stood there stoically and silently.

The iconic musician literally did not move for a full 90 seconds, despite the short 12 minutes he was given to perform, marking this a classic Halftime moment.

Diana Ross Exited the Field in a Helicopter

Rather than focusing on her grand entrance, Diana took flight after belting out her classic tunes.

In the last few moments of her 1996 performance, a helicopter landed on stage, and the crowd went wild.

The Supremes headliner hopped into the aircraft and flew away, as she waved to her thousands of adoring fans.

The Classic Nip-Slip

Who could forget the moment when Justin Timberlake ripped off a portion of Janet Jackson's top, exposing her right breast.

The shocking moment was televised to an audience of $140 million viewers, leaving many to believe the stunt was planned.

A producer later revealed that the Pop singer had prepared for the outing, fondly referred to as Nipplegate, and had purchased a nipple shield for the occasion.

This was one Superbowl moment that will NOT be forgotten.

Bruce Springsteen's Crotch-Shot

An over-enthused power slide turned into a collision in the 2009 Halftime Show, when the legendary performer launched himself directly into a camera on stage.

The Born To Run singer blessed the crowd and home viewers alike with an un-obstructed view of his crotch.

M.I.A. Flips The Bird

The rapper stunned the public in 2012 when she raised her middle finger during her performance with Madonna and Nicki Minaj.

Many were not pleased by the crudity, including NFL who sued the celebrity for millions in damages and demanded public apology.

Though Madonna was the dangerous choice for the sacred spot, her guest was who really brought the house down.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Performed on Unplugged Instruments

There was no mistaking the pre-recorded show that featured the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2014.

The band put all their energy into "rocking out" during their performance without plugging in their instruments, leading to much fan backlash at the falsity.

Katy Perry's Left Shark Went Awol

Katy Perry brought her beachy glow to the Superbowl Halftime show of 2015, as she performed with a series of goofy-looking tropical characters.

The back-up dancers were dressed in festive costumes, including palm trees, surfboards, beach balls and most notably, sharks.

Katy's left-shark, as the background performer has been named, took off on a wild deviation from the rehearsed dance moves.

The sea-creature went viral as the star of the show.

Lady Gaga's Spider-Monkey Jump

Lady Gaga's awkward jump from a star-spangled backdrop was the highlight of the 2017 Houston performance.

Dressed in a signature Gaga look of silver opulence, the singer leapt with her arms and legs outstretched to land in a fly system on stage.

Though she served a phenomenal performance, the jump remains a funny memory.

JLo Worked the Pole in 2020

The country was in astonishment last year when Jennifer Lopez and Shakira took the stage, as the two legends embodied multi-cultural glamour.

When JLo hit the pole during the "Waiting For Tonight" portion of the show and 40 male dancers surrounded her in glory, the crowd was in awe.

Super Bowl LV takes place this Sunday, February 7th, and will feature The Weeknd as the central talent.

With 30 years of jaw-dropping performances good and bad, hundreds of millions will be tuned in to watch the talented Canadian singer take the stage.

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