Stranger Things plot hole: Fans expose ‘contradiction’ in Billy and Mind Flayer storyline

Stranger Things: Eleven and Billy fight each other

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The Stranger Things character Billy Hargrove (played by Dacre Montgomery) was the new guy everyone loved to hate when he was first introduced in season two of the Netflix sci-fi hit. However, the character had an important arc that would massively impact his sister Max (Sadie Sink), as well as Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). One fan has since noticed a major plot hole, which could have ensured Billy’s survival in season three.

Stranger Things has been one of Netflix’s biggest ever hits since it first debuted in 2016.

With viewers waiting for the fourth season to arrive, one fan has noticed a major plot hole from season two.

Taking to Reddit, they asked: “Remember in Season 2, where they had to force Mind Flayer out of Will’s body so that he wouldn’t die when they shut down the gate? Yeah, that. And Billy died sacrificing himself to save Eleven? 

“Now theres 2 options here. Option-1: Their assumption was correct and Will would actually die if they had closed the gate before forcing the Mind Flayer out of him,” they continued.

“But, if that is the case, we have some problems here. This doesn’t make Billy’s death any less selfless or worthy, it’s still sad and breaks my heart. (sic)

“But the thing is that he would eventually die when they closed the gate. So either way, Billy would die,” they theorised.

However, the fan proposed a second option, saying: “Their assumption was incorrect and Will wouldn’t die if they had closed the gate before forcing the Mind Flayer out of him.

“Presumably because, in my theory, Mind Flayer doesn’t actually possess humans, but somehow controls them.

“In that case, Billy’s death could somehow be avoidable. There’s a contradiction here.”

In season three, episode one Suzie, Do You Copy?, Billy crashed his car and then was taken by the Mind Flayer who essentially “possessed” him for the rest of the season.

Will and his friends attempt to force the Mind Flayer out of him but, sadly, they fail.

Later, in the season three finale, Billy and the Mind Flayer have trapped Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) group in the Starcourt Mall.

Eleven manages to free Billy from the control of the Mind Flayer and Billy sacrifices himself to save his sister and her friends.

After Will was possessed by the Mind Flayer in season two, he managed to force the monster out of him and live.

So could Billy have been spared after all?

Will had to get the Mind Flayer out of him before Eleven closed the gate to the Upside Down or he would die, but if Billy was still being possessed when the gate was closed again, he would also die as well.

One fan responded, explaining: “Yes, if had Billy been Flayed when the Gate was closed, he would have died. But he was not.

“If he had stepped aside and offered El up to the MF (after she got the MF out of him), then he could have survived the closing of the Gate.

“He was not Flayed at that moment, and the Mind Flayer died seconds after that attack. So there was an option for him to survive in the show, therefore he did still sacrifice himself,” they added.

However, they did point out the contradiction of the group not being as worried about getting the Mind Flayer out of Billy like they were with Will.

The fan stated that the “only plan was to close the Gate” and nothing else, which, unfortunately, led to Billy’s possible unnecessary death.

Sadly, for Billy, not as much care was taken to ensure his survival, however, his sacrifice was the perfect completion of his character arc, especially after viewers learned why and how Billy became the bully audiences witnessed on-screen.

Seasons one to three of Stranger Things are available on Netflix now.

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