Spoilers: Stuart faces his surgery in EastEnders – will he be okay?

After months of delaying, Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) is finally about to face surgery for his breast cancer on EastEnders – but has he left it too late?

When Stuart was diagnosed with breast cancer, he was told that the best chance of a cure would be to have surgery to remove the tumour.

Stuart has had problems with drugs in the past, though, and he knew that any surgery would most likely mean being prescribed some heavy duty painkillers after the operation. He feared this could put him back on the path of addiction, a prospect that terrified him almost as much as the cancer.

So rather than go for the surgery that was recommended, he tried to treat the cancer himself with alternative remedies and food supplements. When he was finally persuaded to go to the doctor recently, he was given the devastating news that the delay in treatment had meant the tumour had grown.

The good news is that he makes it through the operation with no problems – but has all of the tumour been removed? And what will Stuart’s fear of taking painkillers mean for his recovery?

There are still some difficult times ahead…

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