Spoilers: Charles Venn talks Connie and Jacob and teases wedding in Casualty

Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) and Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) have had their fair share of ups and downs in Casualty when it comes to their relationship. Tonight, during a dramatic and intense episode, Jacob found himself fearing for his life after the husband of an ex-patient entered the ED wearing a suicide bomber vest.

Roy (Alan Williams) entered the ED and threatened to take his finger off the DMS (dead man switch) if Jacob couldn’t remember the name of his wife that died after being treated by him. Jacob’s mind raced with hundreds of thoughts and was thankfully able to remember Roy’s wife. Roy let Jacob go, leading to him taking his finger off the switch, and ending his life in the bomb explosion.

The aftermath of the episode saw Jacob and Connie tested once more, and yet even after Jacob’s life was put in danger, Connie still managed to push him away. Metro.co.uk caught up with Charles recently, to ask him about how Jacob felt during that moment, and so much more:

‘You look at Jacob and you think ‘man you are a sucker for love’! Come on man, I want to see them win, but maybe we’re just going to have to accept that Jacob either has to walk and move on, or he is at her mercy and if she changes her mind then you just have to make sure you are readily available for that. It’s one of the two, you put up with it or you don’t. To see the situation in Connie’s office where she throws the bait and just closes the net up is a sore one! There’s a little moment between them but still, she can’t do it, she knows the overriding problem is the commitment issue she has, it’s too strong at this particular point and until she fixes it they’re always going to come to this impasse no matter how well they get on. It doesn’t get more committal than saying ‘during lockdown I want to be in your bubble’, what more could you ask for even after all of that?!’

The big question is, why does Connie always push Jacob away? It’s happened time and time again, and Charles revealed what he thinks:

‘With someone like Connie, she is someone that is so committed to her job, she is fantastic as clinical lead, she has a daughter, a beautiful, intelligent daughter who, in many ways, you wonder if the situation was different would she even have been a mother, but the situation turned out that she did, but even then, Grace spends more time with her father. When it comes to that level of commitment, the line is so blurred with where her sense of commitment lies, and it seems to lie more with her job. She uses that, in my opinion as a way, almost an escapism if you will? Being in there, almost diffuses her not having to commit to those things, and Jacob unfortunately falls into that equation as well.

She loves that man – he’s the love of her life! It’s like a fear of rejection, a fear of opening herself up and really letting herself go, which she’s done before in the past, but she opened the box for a period, but it’s as though she felt uncomfortable with showing too much vulnerability, so she closes the box again. I have friends who are like that! They cannot open up entirely to them and open up their heart. She pushes the people that she loves most away all of the time.’

The event in tonight’s episode has impacted Jacob already, and Charles teased us with what’s to come over the next few weeks:

‘We see afterwards elements of it, the fact that this man could’ve died and we see this wave of emotion that takes him for a second, but what it also does is it reminds him that life is too damn short, anything can happen you know? I think that’s why when he sees Tina, she comes at a time where he needs a distraction, here you have a man that’s broken up with the love of his life, he has to still work with her, which is hard! He has to remain professional and talk to her, but he’s now learning ways to cope, this isn’t the first time they’ve broken up so now all of a sudden when Tina comes he’s like ‘hey! I remember you!’. It’s refreshing for him, a sight for sore eyes, he just needs escapism, I think in a way he just needs to feel free, have fun, more with reckless abandon to a degree, because as I said, anything can happen!

Life is not guaranteed, look at what happened, one of our close and long running service staff members – Noel Garcia – you know what I mean? When you’ve got that happening, it’s bound to have an effect, where you see your life flashing past you at such an emotional and intense moment, when Jacob is in resus and here you have the bomber, Jacob’s looking at Connie, they have so many things they want to say to each other but they can’t.’

Jacob has been part of the ED team for six years, and has spent a lot of that time as Connie’s love interest, but with so many bumps in the road, could Jacob really handle being pushed away so many more times? Charles explained:

‘It’s a difficult one because Jacob is such an optimist. He sees something in her, she opened the box of emotions and he saw what it was like in there, he wants to go back, and he believes that box can remain open, but as a result he doesn’t give up. I don’t think anybody can fufil him physically, intellectually, emotionally, the way Connie has. It’s difficult, I think any woman, no matter how beautiful, I don’t think they’ll be able to fill that void – Connie has done that for him, she’ll always have a place in his heart.’

One year, two year’s down the line, could Jacob and Connie finally be together and in a happy relationship? Charles laughed, and gave a surprising fact about how strongly Jacob feels for Connie:

‘I want to believe in my heart yes they will, it wouldn’t be the first time people have had on and off relationships and eventually they get together and end up marrying. I want to believe that it’ll happen with Jacob! We must bear in mind Jacob was going to propose to her a couple of years ago but because of the car and helicopter crash he never did. As a result of that, the flame, he holds that to his heart. That engagement ring is there! Don’t you worry about that, he will have it on deck if she was ever able to get her act together, he would propose. He wants to make her Mrs Masters, Connie Beauchamp-Masters!’

During Casualty filming, the cast are required to film two metres apart, which may seem a challenge, especially during a relationship storyline, but as we concluded our chat with Charles, he gave insight into how his connection with Amanda Mealing is so strong not even a two metre distance rule can get in the way of the chemistry they have!

‘Playing those intense scenes with Connie yes, it’s tricky, there’s some times where we want to use physical contact and the two metre police come in straight away! What helps with me and Amanda is that I’ve worked with her for six years now, when I first came into the show I came in as her love interest. We have been working closely, intimately, for that period of time so we understand each others rhythm and vibe and we just have that chemistry when we’re working together.

I always tell Amanda ‘you are the person I am most comfortable shooting with’ and she says the same thing! We just understand each other because we’ve been in each others faces for that long! Despite that two metre distance, we still know how to create that vibe, and that energy, and that tension even from two metres away. Long may it continue!’

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