Spoilers: Can Nancy save Linda as she hits crisis point in EastEnders?

Since Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) returned to EastEnders we’ve seen that she’s completely gone off the rails. With her relationship with Mick (Danny Dyer) in tatters, and Mick apparently ready to move on with Janine (Charlie Brooks), Linda has felt completely alienated.

When she appeared in Walford for Tina’s funeral, it wasn’t long before she and Mick were bickering. Worse was to come for Linda when Mick faltered as he delivered Tina’s eulogy, and it was Janine, not Linda, who was ready to be by his side and comfort him.

Linda’s behaviour at the crematorium left Nancy (Maddy Hill) devastated and Shirley (Linda Henry) told Linda she wasn’t welcome at the wake.

In upcoming episodes, Linda turns more and more to the bottle for comfort as her alcoholism rages out of control.

When Nancy stays the night with Zack (James Farrar), she bumps into Linda, who’s surprised to see her. Nancy makes it clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with her mum, but later she discovers a bottle of alcohol and a photo of the family in Linda’s suitcase.

Feeling guilty about the way she’s treated her mum, Nancy goes to find her and make peace. Will Linda accept Nancy’s olive branch?

And could her daughter be the one to help her get out of the terrible position she’s in?

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